Police wrestle veterans at Million Vet March in support of a hateful tyrant

Members of the American military; armed forces, law enforcement, and fire/rescue services, are stuck between a rock and a hard place.  They must choose between serving the people or serving their king, between standing for freedom and risk being fired or obeying the dictates of a tyrant.  On October 13 on the National Mall, veterans and patriots from around the country gathered to take down the fence that Barack Obama had erected around national monuments.

American Pride: Veterans tear down Obama’s wall at monuments

Police wrestle with vets

In an act of petty vengeance and maliciousness, Obama had workmen emplace a barricade around monuments and memorials honoring great Americans to keep patriots out as punishment for supporting conservatives.  These conservatives are fighting Obama’s bankrupting taxing and spending that is driving America into bankruptcy.  Thirty-seven percent of people approve of his hateful actions.

Obama’s purpose in creating this budget crisis, along with his actions in sh*tting on America’s heroes, barricading America’s veterans out of their memorial while welcoming illegal aliens, is the act of America’s enemies and the perfect indication of his anti-American agenda.  Those who voted Democrat in the last election say they are patriots, too, but of what country, what religion, what ideology?  They are certainly not patriots of Christian America.

Impeachment hearings

Ronaldus Magnus

Proud to be an American

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