Devious and malicious, Obama demands his first ever budget be passed

Actually, Obama’s first and only legal budget he has signed was President Bush’s last budget.  The 2009 budget that was supposed to be signed by President Bush had $1.4 trillion dollars in deficit spending for Democrats, and W refused to sign it.  Democrats controlling Congress simply withheld the budget until Obama’s inauguration and had him sign it and the Tea Party was born!

Now, five years later, Obama, who has been running the federal government without a budget for the past four years, taking trillions of dollars from future taxpayers and doubling the national debt, has decided that the Republicans of the House must give him the budget he demands.  Barry took credit for halving the deficit as he promised in his campaign speech for his first term, except that the deficit he halved was not the last Republican deficit of 2007 that was $167 billion.  Nor was it the last Democrat deficit of 2008 that was $450 billion and the largest in history until the next year when Obama signed his own deficit of $1.4 trillion, ten times more than the last Republican deficit and three times the last deficit President Bush signed.

The budget that Obama demands Republicans sign now increases deficits back to over $1 trillion and includes ObamaCare taxes to be levied on the middle class while he, Congress, and his business and union buddies all get a free pass.  When conservatives fought for the rights of the people and demanded Obama give them the same waivers he gave to his friends, or pay for it along with the people, they were demonized by the liberal media.  When moderates conceded to him, he then refused to accept the budget he wanted and demanded even more as punishment for standing up to him.

How devious does one have to be before all the people can see what he is doing?  How malicious does one have to be before all the people can see his malice?  How vindictive does one have to be before all the people can see his true nature?  How tyrannical does one have to be before all the people can see he is a dictator?  How much suffering must the American people endure before they understand that the man ruling them is not acting in their best interests, but his own?

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