Obamabots – Obama’s fanatical zealots are the only believers he has left on Syria

Last week, Barack Obama denied he ever set a “red line” on chemical weapon use in Syria, that it would “change his calculus.”  As has been typical when Obama speaks without a teleprompter, the man elected to lead America let his tongue lead him into embarrassing America once again.  The Blamer-in-Chief told reporters that he didn’t set a red line, but that the world did, and it is the fault of Congress, Americans, and the world if they do not follow his lead and affect the outcome of the Syrian civil war to “teach dictators a lesson.”

Of this, David Letterman said, “So, it’s taken him five years but the guy (Obama) has finally learned how to bullsh*t.”  What Letterman, being a devoted liberal, doesn’t understand is that Obama has done nothing but bullsh*t from the moment he entered politics.  Everyone in the Tea Party fully understands that Obama was raised to the highest office in the land with no experience and no accomplishments on which to base his opinions or any decision making process.

Obama didn’t just now learn how to bullsh*t.  He has convinced Democrats that a sh*t sandwich is the new steak and they have happily swallowed every bite he has fed them for years.  What Letterman and many liberals are now gagging on is that Obama is now asking them to wash down their sh*t sandwich with American blood.  Many of them are blanching at his feast, but some of them, like Reid (D-Nev.) and Pelosi (D-Cal.) and his sycophants at MSNBC will gladly choke it down for their messiah.

While most of the world realized long ago that Obama is a fraud and his entire ideology is destroying the last great hope for liberty in the world, sixty million American voters were able to get him re-elected.  Despite all the economic destruction, the bankrupting debt, and enemy enhancing foreign policies, they shut their eyes, and ears, and brains to push the button and re-elect the man who is destroying America from within.  Many did so because they say they don’t want to appear “anti-black,” but race has nothing to do with it as they proved when they rejected intelligent, moral, and accomplished blacks like Herman Cain, Col. Allen West, and Mia Love.

Their vote was not a vote for blacks in America, it was a vote against America that Obama and his fanatical zealots wish to cast down and remake in their image.  Negroes in America have suffered more under Democrat rule as their plantation of voter slaves than they ever did under white oppression.  Now all of Americans and the rest of world are suffering as Obama strives to promote the agenda of Islamist Jihadis.

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