Liberal fascism in America – kill the old, corrupt the young

If there is any doubt that fascism is alive and well in the United States and firmly the ideology of the Left, this liberal professor talking about Republicans being ‘rotting old people’ who just need to be gotten rid of, while teaching kids that America is evil, here it is just one more brick of truth.  Liberals like this have taken over institutes of learning throughout the nation to corrupt America’s youth into believing that the Founders were evil dictators fighting for wealth rather than Christian leaders fighting for liberty.  Barack Obama was raised on this ideology starting in Indonesia where he attended Moslem schools because that is the same thing that Moslems teach their children about America being “the Great Satan.”

Rush Limbaugh wrote a book for young people to teach them some American history without the liberal bias corrupting the truth.  In his promo, he plays audio that a student made of one of his professors in Michigan State, William Penn, demonizing Republicans, the Romneys, the rich, and telling his students never to listen to old people.  This blatant corruption of the young is what inspired Rush to write his book, and it should inspire parents to take a keen interest in their children’s education because the current generations are the most ignorant, gullible young people ever to enter the voting booths.

If people wonder why the Democrats want to take over health care for the old, why Medicare for the old is being defunded in favor of ObamaCare to provide medical benefits for Obama’s deadbeat followers, this will provide some insight.  The Democrat mantra of stealing from the rich, that profits are not the fuel of growth but the spoils of greed, is not about building America, but reducing it to a socialist cesspool where the lazy subsist without labor.  America’s Christian spirit is under attack by the atheist Left that would have Islamists rule in the Middle East and America’s influence in the world destroyed.

Rush “Revere” Limbaugh’s new book to teach children uncorrupted American history


I want to read to you the full transcript of what this Michigan State professor said.  And, by the way, this guy teaches writing.  It’s not a political science class, not a history class, not a current events anything class.  This idiot is teaching writing.

You know something else that’s always puzzled me?  I don’t have kids.  Knowing what I know today, I would not be obsessed with my kid going to college.  Everybody’s parents want their kids to go to college, and I wonder, how many of ’em know the garbage that they’re subjected to?  It’s not all garbage, particularly a specialty, medicine.  But you get into law, or political science, or almost anything, and it’s nothing but the liberal agenda on steroids, taught by the furthest thing from teachers.

People are paying all this money to send their kids to college and I wonder how many of them actually know the filth and the corruption of the mind that’s taking place.  Listen to this.  The guy’s name is William Penn, and he teaches writing, creative writing, literary writing, what have you.


“If you go to the Republican convention in Florida, you see all those old people with all the dead skin cells washing off them.  They’re cheap.  They don’t want to pay taxes because they have already raped this country and gotten everything out of it they possibly could.  They don’t want to pay for your tuition because who are you? Well, to me, you’re somebody.  Now, you can frown if you want.  You look like you’re frowning at me.  You frowning?”  And some student says something you can’t hear.  The professor said, “I am a college professor.  If I find out you are a closet racist, I am coming after you. Okay.  This country still is full of closet racists. What do you think if going on in South Carolina and North Carolina — voter suppression.”


No, it’s not!  There is no voter suppression going on in South Carolina or North Carolina.  What they’re doing in those two states is fixing cheaters.  They’re preventing vote fraud.  This Looney Tunes is simply upset about the photo ID.  This guy is the last thing.  He’s nowhere near an independent thinker.  He’s just a sponge who soaks up all the liberal folderol and then repeats it with the authority that his job grants to him.


“This country still is full of closet racists.  What do you think if going on in South Carolina and North Carolina — voter suppression.  It’s about getting black people not to vote.  Why?  Because black people tend to vote Democratic.  So why would Republicans want to do it?  Because Republicans are not a majority in this country anymore.  They are a bunch of dead white people or dying white people.

“If you’re a Republican, forgive me.  If your parents are Republicans, forgive me.  They won’t and I don’t care.  But, but, Ann Romney a first lady?  And remember this, if you’re just going to be a greedy bastard your whole life and just try to get things in this country, in order to be rich like Mitt Romney and hide all your income offshore in the Cayman Islands, you have to be, think about it, Mitt Romney.”


Mitt Romney earned everything he’s got.  It’s Barack Obama who’s living the life of luxury he couldn’t provide for himself if he dreamed of it.  And this guy sees nothing wrong with it.


“Now I want to see a hand. Anybody here want to be Mitt Romney?  Him?  I mean, I mean married to her?  And I absolutely don’t mean to offend you.  Even if you are a Republican I don’t mean to offend you in this class.  Outside of class is a different matter.”


Anyway, this is what kids are being taught.  It just infuriates me, and the libs have taken over education, so that’s why the book.  That’s why the target audience, 10 to 13, but it’s for everybody.


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