Faith in God kills, pt III: Blaming Christ; corruption in the Christian Church

Atheists and agnostics, Moslems and Jews all deny the divinity of Christ.  A part of their proof is in the actions of men who claim to be Christian yet act contrary to the teachings of Christ.  Christians see these men as the False Prophets of whom Christ warned, but these hate-mongers, these self-righteous hypocrites are labeled by the Left as “far right extremists.”

This is not about apologetics for Christianity, but a rendering of the difference between Christianity and the corruption of men.  Apologetics is about the making excuses for wrongdoing, which is unnecessary as Christ needs no apology for His teachings as does Muhammad.  There is no excuse for the Schism, the brutality of Crusaders, or most especially for the Inquisition.

Of Christianity, as the centurion said, Jesus spoke of peace, love, and the brotherhood of man.  His teachings were of righteousness, loving God, and loving others.  In the war between Good and Evil there are only those who love God and those who reject Him, those who serve others and those who serve only themselves.  Jesus taught that everyone should be given every opportunity to come to God on their own, never through coercion.

The basis of Christianity, that “God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son to die so that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but know everlasting life,” – John 3:16, needs no apology.  But some of the men who seized power in the church are, as men always are, corruptible, and many corrupted the church and their followers.  Movies such as “Agora,” and “The DaVinci Code,” make vain attempts at exposing Christianity as a fraud, but they fall flat on their faces in the light of truth about the teachings of Jesus.

There have been times in the past where those who reject God profess to speak for God.  The Pharisees labeled themselves righteous, yet acted contrary to the teachings of God and Christ called them out on it.  They were not “far right extremists” but Leftists pretending to be righteous.

Romans forced conversions on certain cultures.  This was a long standing policy of Rome in dealing with hostile neighbors whose violent religions promoted their behavior.  Germanic tribes would never adhere to a treaty, but believed in their gods that they could steal, rape, and murder anyone who was not one of their own.  Islamic beliefs are little different from them, giving Islamist’s the right to conquer and oppress others, but that it developed as a monotheistic religion with a god named Allah.

In the 11th century, the Catholic Church took its cue from Islam on how to exercise sovereignty over secular kings.  The Pope in Rome split against the Patriarch of Constantinople causing the East-West Schism in the church.  (There was always animosity between the two with the Pope claiming lineage from St. Peter while the Patriarch was at the seat of Roman power in Constantinople.  Emperor Justinian actually arrested and deposed a sitting Pope in the sixth century for contesting with the Patriarch.)

East-West Schism

Pope St. Gregory VII established a new charter for the Catholics that faith in Christ was not necessary to go to Heaven, only membership in the Catholic Church.  Excommunication denied the Sacrament, and without confession to and the blessing a priest, said that those who did not bow to the church could not go to Heaven.  It was taught that people became Christians by being baptized into the church rather than through faith in accepting Christ as Savior.

When the Turks invaded the Byzantine Empire (the Eastern Roman Empire), they captured the emperor through the treachery of one of his lords, and ravaged the lands, this schism resulted in Crusaders acting as an invader instead of as a mercenary army to assist the new emperor.  They captured and sacked Jerusalem, slaughtering every human being inside, Moslem, Jew, and Christian alike.  A century later, the Fourth Crusade turned directly against Constantinople and, again through treachery, gained entry to the city and sacked that as well, establishing a puppet emperor and thereby eliminating the Patriarch’s power.

During that time the church established the Inquisition.  Inquisitors sat in judgment on anyone not obedient to the Pope, would declare them heretics, and many were tortured to death.  This continued for five centuries until Christians threw off that yoke in the wars of the Protestant Reformation.  It took an additional five centuries before Christians that remained in the Catholic Church elected a Pope who would make amends with the Eastern Orthodox Patriarch to end the schism.  In 1965 Pope Paul VI nullified the anathemas of 1054 and re-established faith in Christ as the way to Heaven.

There are numerous of sects of Christianity with their own pet beliefs, but almost all have the same faith in the divinity of Christ.  A study of those who attend church revealed that only about 50% are Christians of faith while the other half are family and friends who have not yet accepted Jesus as their Savior, and those who go for social reasons.  There is also a small percentage that does not recognize organized religion and do not attend church.

But there are also those who use Christ only as a figurehead, such as the church of Black Liberation Theology that depicts Christ as a black man oppressed by rich white people.  Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and some others are looked down on as corrupting the word of Christ.  But their members still include a large percentage of those who have deep faith in Christ.

Mitt Romney was demonized by the Left while they deified Barack Obama.  Yet examination of their histories and their character reveal the exact opposite.  Romney is generous and loving while Obama has been dishonest and casting blame on others for his own failings.

“It’s not who we are underneath, but what we do that defines us.” – Rachel Dawes, Batman Begins

This is just another way of saying, “Actions speak louder than words.”  The Left, those who reject God and follow the Father of Lies, has only one intellectual weapon at their disposal – deception.  By saying they are the Right and represent God and then acting to destroy the righteous they reveal their true nature as wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Liberals lack a moral compass.  They believe killing is murder, even in self-defense, unless it’s someone they want to be dead.  They say life is sacred and will hold candlelight vigils for murderers, yet they advocate killing babies in the womb.  Then the condemn Christians who believe murderers should be executed and babies should be saved.  (Even Jesus said executing murderers was right in the Parable of the Wicked Vine growers.)

Killing babies and saving murderers, or saving babies and killing murderers, what is so hard to see righteousness?  Many who profess to be Christian side with the Left, while Christians on the Right wonder why they would be taking sides with atheists and agnostics who reject God?  Deception is Satan’s best weapon, so what better way to deceive the ignorant than to pretend to be what he is not?

Faith in God kills

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