Faith in God kills, pt II – Muhammad’s life; forging the death cult of Islam

In 2009, President Obama changed the mission of NASA from one of space exploration, the crown jewel of the USA, to one of appeasing Moslems for their “contributions to science.”  The religion of Islam is as responsible for advances in science and culture as the Catholic Church of the Inquisition.  To understand why Islam is not a religion of peace, but a death cult no different than the Germanic pagan religions, one must know the life of Muhammad.

The difference between the Right and the Left is the not a mirror image of one another, but opposites.  The Right is founded in liberty under the protection of the state, while the Left is founded in service to the authority of the state.  The Left’s religion of socialism knows no more powerful advocate than one in which there is a central god of the state rather than no god.

One of the mistakes of atheists is to believe that Allah and God are the same and that the strife between the followers of Muhammad and those of Christ is just a matter of “my god is better than your god.”  While evil men have always invoked the names of their gods for their unrighteous acts, it is the founders of these religions that set their character.

Jesus and Christianity

On the right hand, Jesus, born the Jewish son of Joseph and Mary, led a life of austerity, preaching righteousness, worship of God, and love of others until unjustly charged with sedition and crucified.  His teachings included many parables of righteous behavior, but the interpretation of these lessons is often corrupted by the Left to mean something else.  Christianity is the most hated religion in the world due to the faith and beliefs of those who choose Christ and believe in His rising from the grave and ascending to Heaven.

After Constantine made Christianity the religion of the Roman Empire, it was imposed on Germanic peoples whose pagan gods encouraged them to murder, rape, and rob other peoples who were not part of their own tribes.  Pagan gods promised some kind of heaven to those who died fighting their enemies and were extremely violent, not adhering to any treaties of peace.  For those reasons, Romans destroyed their gods and temples and forced them to convert to the more peaceful religion of Christianity.  But this article is not about Christianity and the corruption of some churches away from the teachings of Christ, but about Islam.

Muhammad and Islam

On the left hand, Muhammad’s life was the opposite of Christ’s.  Where Jesus’ ministry lasted three years, Muhammad preached his religion for forty years.  While the Gospels of the Bible are the only written history of Christ, Muhammad’s history has been written extensively in both the Koran and the Hadith.  The Koran (Quran) is not written in chronological order lending itself to confusion.

Born to his recently widowed mother who died in his youth, he grew up and married a prosperous older woman.  Early in their marriage, he had a vision of what he later said was the Archangel Gabriel in a cave where he slept and would become a prophet to his followers preaching the love of Allah.  Living in the city of Mecca deep in the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula and, like most cultures in the Dark Ages, there were many gods along with a sizeable Jewish community.  When Muhammad began demanding that the tribal leaders of Mecca follow the commands of Allah to revive ancient Hebrew Law over more lenient modern laws, conflict grew between his followers and the people of Mecca.

Muhammad accused them of turning from God’s Law of the Ten Commandments and cited the laws of Leviticus, condemning them for not stoning adulterers.  When a young couple was found having sex, he charged them with adultery.  (The original definition of adultery, contrary to the modern definition of a married person having sex with someone other than their spouse, is anyone having sex outside of marriage and marriage being one man and one woman.)  When the tribal leaders refused to stone them, he accused them of disobedience to God and had his followers stone the young couple to death.

After that, strife grew between Muhammad’s followers and the people of Mecca until the tribal leaders removed clan protection from him and he was threatened with assassination.  Muhammad sought a new home and the people of Yathrib, later to be renamed Medina, invited Muhammad to be arbitrator of disputes because of his reputation as a prophet.  In 620 A.D., Muhammad had told his followers of a miraculous journey on which he had been taken by Gabriel to visit Jerusalem and tour Heaven and Hell known as the Isra and Mi’raj.

He and his followers fled, an event known in Islam as the Hijra.  After they were gone, Meccans looted the properties they had vacated.  This angered Muhammad and the Muslims who took to raiding Meccan caravans, killing and looting from the merchants.  Muhammad told his followers that Allah blessed their attacks on the “infidels” of Mecca and encouraged them, thus beginning a quantum shift in his teachings and the war between Muhammad and Mecca.

Now Muhammad has his followers turn toward Mecca when they prayed.  When next they attempted to attack a caravan, the Meccans sent out a force reputedly with three times the number of Moslems.  But Muhammad won the Battle of Badr killing 45 Meccans and some of their leaders at the cost of just fifteen Muslims.  Muhammad touted this victory as a miracle and proof that Allah was with him and he would wage Jihad, holy war, with the infidel Meccans.

Some in Medina objected to his waging war and bringing Meccan ire down on them.  Muhammad has some of his followers kill them in their homes saying that Allah willed it because they had insulted Islam and killing them was not murder.  He had one tribe of dissenters banished from the city and looted their property, again saying that Allah willed it and it was not stealing.  This became a theme for the remainder of Muhammad’s life.  Whenever he would order or do something whose morality was forbidden by the Koran, he would have a revelation from Allah saying that it was right that it be done because he is the Prophet and such things are allowed him.

Meccans tired of Muhammad’s raids and, under the leadership of the Quraysh tribe, laid ambushes for the Moslems.  Mecca sent an army of 3000 men that defeated them.  Muhammad was almost killed, but managed to escape and survived his wounds.  When Meccans tried to ally with tribes around Median, Muhammad sent his Moslems to conquer them.

Their next army was 10,000 men to the Moslems 3,000 and they besieged Muhammad in Medina.  But they were unskilled at siege warfare and failed to take the city.  A Jewish tribe in Medina that had sought to ally with the Meccans was destroyed by Muhammad, the men beheaded and their families sold into slavery for betraying the Prophet.

After this victory, Muhammad told his followers to make the Hajj, a pilgrimage to the Ka’aba in Mecca.  He was denied access to the city, but made a peace treaty with the Quraysh which he flaunted as proving they accepted him as their equal and bringing more Arabs to his banner.  He then sent emissaries to nearby kingdoms, including the Byzantine and Persian Empires, calling on them to submit to Islam or be invaded.  His armies attacked and destroyed Jews at the Oasis of Khaybar but were defeated by the Arabs of Transjordan.

Two years later in 630 A.D., a Meccan tribe attacked and killed some Moslems and the treaty was abolished.  But Mecca was unprepared and Muhammad had an army of over 10,000 men at hand.  He entered Mecca unopposed and became ruler.  He destroyed statues of pagan gods around the Ka’aba, but there are conflicting reports of whether or not he destroyed frescos of Christ or protected them.

Most Meccans converted to Islam and Muhammad’s armies grew and he sent them to conquer neighbors in all directions and they, too, submitted to become Moslem.  As his armies grew and conquered, Muhammad once again turned to preaching peace amongst Muslims.  After his death, large armies of fanatic Moslems successfully conquered Persian that had just finished an exhausting war with the Byzantines who lost North Africa to the invaders.

Whenever one of his followers questioned Muhammad about the righteousness of his actions and orders, such as ordering the murders of those who spoke against Islam and his marriage to his last wife, nine year old Aisha, (who was considered under age even for the time), Muhammad would have a visit from Gabriel who would say it is right for the Prophet to do so.  Islamic Law made second class citizens of infidels living in Moslem controlled lands as dhimmis who had to pay double and triple taxes for the privilege of practicing their own beliefs.

Moslem armies were not stopped in their conquests until they engaged the Franks of Charles Martel in the West and Emperor Leo under the walls of Constantinople.  They were in turn conquered by the Turks (a tribe of Mongols like the Huns before Genghis Khan united them in the thirteenth century).  But the Turks adopted Islam and continued wars against the Christian West.

The Ottomon Empire continued to attempt to subjugate the West until their fall after WWI.  Since then, Arabs have dreamed of re-establishing the Sultanate under their rule rather than under Turks.  Slavery and genocide in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia still has roots in Islam and socialism.  While Leftists condemn America who cast off the yoke of slavery, they continue to turn a blind eye to the slavery in the religion and ideologies of Islam and socialism.

Islam today

From its inception, Islam was a religion of anti-Christian values the same as the many pagan religions asserting to have the path to salvation through one’s acts and the destruction of their enemies, anyone who is not one of their own.  Islam advocates murdering those who “insult Islam” and promises heaven to those who die in the attempt just as the Germanic religions of the Vikings did.  Islam promotes oppression of those who do not bow to Allah and sanctions enslaving and murdering them as righteous, though they call it “dhimmi” status and not slavery.  This is what drove Thomas Jefferson to act against the Barbary Pirates.

Islam endorses deceitful lies if they are “for the good of Islam.”  The teachings of Muhammad have nothing to do with peace except with other Muslims.  Even then, when one Moslem is slighted by another, if they succeed in destroying their neighbor then they are justified in the eyes of Allah.

People who object to Islam are called bigots by the Left who endorses both Islam and atheism.  The objection is not based on prejudice or bigotry, but against the tenets of Islam.  Written out of chronological order, the Koran is meant to confuse the reader about Muhammad’s life as a warmonger, just as his “visions” to justify his immorality are meant to appease the wicked.

Most people believe in living good lives and will not follow the “Great Commission” of Muhammad, to bring all the world under the boot of Islam or die in the attempt.  Those how do live under the Sharia Law of Muhammad yearn for freedom from the oppressive religion.  But they are intimidated by the fanatical followers who are more than willing to destroy their infidel neighbors, especially those who would turn away from the faith of Muhammad, even their own children whom they kill as “honor killings.”  The creed of the Muslim Brotherhood is the heart of Moslem belief that their war is holy,

“Jihad is our way.  Dying in the way of Allah our highest hope.”

Evil of Islam


People of the West have forgotten the past, ignore history, and believe the modern propaganda that Islam is peace.  Like socialists, Islamists have turned to infiltrating other nations and corrupting their youth, and many youths in America who have been taught to reject Christianity over the last century are turning to Islam.  At the side of Muhammad in his tomb is an empty tomb meant for Jesus when He returns and is cast down by the 12th Imam, the Islamic messiah.  Those who don’t understand that Islam is the religion that is anti-Christ should read about the beliefs of Islamists.

Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam

Islamic Anti-Christ

Events occurring in Egypt today are proof that radical Islam is not just a few “crazies” out to kill people.  Christian churches are being burned, infidels murdered, and civil war breaking out as half the people who want to inflict Sharia Law on the other half go to war.  The half of Muslims who reject Muhammadism and only want the peaceful portion of Islam are far better off turning to Christianity.  Even there, however, there is always room for the corruption of men.

Faith in God kills

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