Obama’s infotainment; Detroit is dead and Al-Qaeda is alive!

Clown prince Obama, who dreams of one day being king, made his yearly appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno to inform the nation of the growing threat of Al-Qaeda.  A year ago the president’s mantra was bragging about killing Usama bin Laden and putting Al-Qaeda on the run through drone strikes.  He included bailing out GM with billions of borrowed taxpayer dollars, while confiscating investor’s money to give to the UAW saying, “Bin Laden is dead and GM is alive.”

Limbaugh says Obama diminished the presidency

Today his mantra has changed to, “Al-Qaeda is alive and Detroit is dead,” as he now admits to only putting Al-Qaeda on the Afghan/Pakistan border “back on their heels,” while the city of Detroit became the largest city to declare bankruptcy.  Like all of Obama’s campaign promises, from transparency to job creation, what he says and what he does remain on opposite ends of the scale.  The liberal policies of Democrats having brought cities to the edge of bankruptcy and beyond threaten to do the same as Obama says he needs to increase the deficit next year while postponing enacting ObamaCare to help the government acquire more money from taxpayers.

Since his election, President Obama has made a multitude of promises, including the sun, the moon, and the stars, to a gullible public.  Millions of people continue to believe that the economic woes of the nation are the fault of Republican capitalist policies and not to Democrat socialist policies.  As Obama remains steadfast in his dogma of blaming Republicans with the help of liberal media propaganda, America continues the slide into economic malaise begun by the Democrat Congress under President Bush.

Obama proposes increasing the deficit next year to use tax dollars he confiscates from the states who have managed their economy and government spending responsibly to bailout states like California and cities like Detroit.  Democrat controlled cities and states have pilfered, spent, and squandered taxes while maintaining their own lifestyle at the expense of the people they allege to serve.  Closed minded liberals continue to support Democrats believing their dogma that they are for the little guy and Republicans are only for the rich.  Though there may be some truth to this in that both liberal Democrats and moderate Republicans are all for the little guy supporting their rich lifestyles.  Conservatives advocate for getting involved in the primary process and ousting all Leftists from government and elect those who manage money conservatively.

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