Obama is the scorpion on America’s back

The Scorpion and the Frog

A scorpion wanted to cross a stream but could not swim.  He asked a frog to carry him across and the frog said, “No, if I carry you, you will sting me and kill me.”  To which the scorpion replied, “If I did that, we would both drown.”  The frog believed the logic of this and agreed.  Halfway across the stream the scorpion stung the frog.  Shocked, the frog asked, “Why did you do that?  Now we’ll both drown.”  And the scorpion calmly responded, “I couldn’t help it.  It’s in my nature.”

Obama says “trust me”

 the very start, conservatives recognized Obama for what he is, a radical Leftist intent on bringing down America.  His first promise, to make government dealings transparent, he broke immediately with ObamaCare which Speaker Pelosi said, “We have to pass it before you can read it.”  After reading it, Americans found the greatest tax increase in America’s history and voted Republicans to nationwide landslide victories in 2010.

Obama’s campaign has continued to blame Bush for the economy that the Democrat Congress of 2007 destroyed.  He accuses Romney of being false because he denies the lies that Democrats have been telling about him.  And he tells the people that the policies of American capitalism destroyed the economy as his policies crush businesses beneath his boot, yet he continues to portray himself as the savior.

How do people know when Obama says, “trust me,” that they should not?

“Beware of False Prophets.  You will know them by their fruits.” – Jesus


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This site is my opinion only and is unpaid. I am a retired Paramedic/Firefighter with 25 years of service in the City of Dallas Fire Dept. I have a B.A. degree in Journalism, and A.A. degrees in Military Science and History. I have spent my life studying military history, world history, American history, science, current events, and politics making me a qualified PhD, Senior Fellow of the Limbaugh Institute, and tenured Professor for Advanced Conservative Studies. 😄 It is my hope that readers can gain some knowledge and wisdom from my articles.
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