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Two-faced Hillary and ‘Moderate’ Moslems Funding ISIS

Hillary’s “public” and “private” faces doesn’t just apply to voters and banks, but to ISIS and their Saudi funds for them and Hillary to wage Obama’s War. In emails obtained by Wikileaks, Hillary has been revealed to be the corrupt, … Continue reading

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Hillary says ISIS praying for Trump, she wouldn’t give them aid

SHE ARMED THEM!  Hillary and Obama have admitted to arming jihadi terrorists in many Middle Eastern nations to overthrow their governments.  They even assisted the ones in Libya by sending American and NATO bombers to destroy Qaddaffi’s forces.  In repayment, … Continue reading

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Liberals are mentally incapable of fighting the Jihad

Liberals believe they can fight the Jihad with flowers. French President Hollande gave the most ineffective, impotent speech about fighting terrorism that he could be said to be Obama’s greatest student.  His blathering speech declared that France is at war … Continue reading

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