Learning by Example; Liberal Politician’s Thinking

Democrat darling, Pete Buttigieg, says President Trump doesn’t want to solve the border crisis, but keep it going as a means of ginning up his supporters for the 2020 election.  The border crisis is a creation by Democrats having illegal aliens flood across the border, overwhelm the border patrol, spill into the country to become illegal Democrat voters using absentee or provisional ballots, and overturn swing states.  How would it benefit President Trump to allow this to continue?  Leftists say it would foment more xenophobic hatred among Republicans.  This is all pure leftist thinking.

The primary difference between a true conservative and a true liberal is that liberals think this way, while conservatives think in terms of solving the problem.  If President Trump thought the way liberals do, then he would sit back and let these invaders flood into the country rather than strike at Mexico’s complicity assisting the invaders across their country.  Buttigieg makes this accusation against Trump because that’s what he would do.  But Donald Trump is a conservative problem solver.  He gets things done and chalks up his victories in the solved or achieved column, not in the keep the problem going column as Democrats do.

“Never let a crisis go to waste.” – Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s Chief of Staff and Mayor of Chicago

Republicans are obviously not xenophobes as immigration law proves, but you couldn’t convince liberals of this.  They believe what they are told regardless of the evidence proving otherwise.  Republicans welcome immigrants who are lawful and want to become Americans while Democrats promote criminals who violate American law and want to displace citizens by overthrowing America.  Democrats endorse this just as they endorse all the communist regimes causing chaos and mayhem in Central and South America.  They see Mexico as their ally in allowing these invaders easy access into the country.  As President Trump has shown, Mexico is not a true ally to America and can only be forced to stop assisting this invasion under the threat of tariffs.

Liberals don’t see how they are duped.  They elected Elizabeth Warren despite being shown that she lied about being Native American when actually she is whiter than the Queen of England.  They elected Blumenthal despite being shown that he lied about being a Vietnam veteran.  They have the history of the United States proving that capitalism lifts people out of poverty, not creates it, yet they believe the opposite.  Capitalism happens when the government oversees the safety of the citizens.  Communism happens when the criminals get control of the government to suck up the wealth.  Yet liberals endorse all the communists of Central and South America and want to transform the USA into a socialist banana republic toilet.

California stands as the glaring example of what happens when Democrats gain power.  What was once a bastion of republicanism and the richest state in the union, California began its fall with liberal judges overthrowing the will of the people when they threw out Prop 187 to disallow illegal aliens from benefiting from taxpayer services.  They then allowed illegal aliens to vote to overthrow Republicans at the district level so that Democrats took over the state’s legislature to make laws to give themselves more power.  Now they have imported so many illegal aliens to live in squalor on their streets that Republicans have been virtually wiped out.  This is what they hope to have happen to the rest of the United States.  This is why Hillary won the popular vote with millions of illegal votes in California, New York, and Illinois.

If Democrats can overthrow the Constitution and the Electoral College, then their illegal voter fraud will rule the country.  Once Democrats have all the power then their façade of caring about working people will be utterly gone.  They will only suck up the wealth and their lemming Millennials will find out that the government will no longer care about providing them with free benefits.  Learning the hard way has ever been the way of the gullible.  Unfortunately for them, like the Chinese, once they learn that they should have fought harder to keep their freedom, it may be too late and become too extremely costly for them to do anything other than be subservient to the state.

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1 Response to Learning by Example; Liberal Politician’s Thinking

  1. Roy says:

    Aside from voter fraud many democrats who voted for Bill de Blasio, Gavin Newsom, Jerry Brown, Rahm Emanuel fled their state only to stupidly vote for Democrat politicians in their new state. Texas and Florida should forbid any registered Democrat fleeing a Blue State from entry to a Red State. Migrant Democrats never learn a lesson. They just screw up the new state they move to.


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