Comey is Obama’s girly-man FBI Director creating the fake Russia investigation

What kind of man heading the top law enforcement agency in the country hides in the curtains like a little girl because he’s afraid President Trump will spot him?  In contrast, little Jeff Sessions came out roaring like a lion at the Democrat’s two-faced, heinous accusations of he and Trump betraying the country.

Comey is an Obama man who tried to block President Bush from rooting out terrorists through the wiretap program, but apparently never had a problem with Obama using it to spy on Americans, and now he is assisting Democrats to persecute President Trump.  Like Obama’s CIA Director Brennan who became a Moslem under Obama’s regime, FBI Director Comey admitted he doesn’t have the manly constitution to be the leader of America’s number one federal law enforcement agency.  These are the kinds of people that Obama put in charge of America’s most vital intelligence and counter-espionage agencies in the country.  Is it any wonder why the government has been persecuting the people, stealing America’s wealth, and importing Moslem terrorists?

The manufacturing process of Fake News and its evolution to investigate Russia

Comey and Mueller were both portrayed by leftists as men of great integrity above reproach, but America is finding that they are men of jelly spines serving the interests of their Democrat masters.  The only voter fraud that has been going on has all been on the part of Obama and the Democrats.  Fortunately, the power of the states and leadership by Republican governors kept the DNC that shafted Bernie Sanders in their primaries was unable to corrupt the national election to steal it for Hillary.


When Obama’s DHS Tried to Hack the Indiana Voting System

America’s intelligence agencies exist to provide American citizens with security from criminal and foreigner threats that endanger everyone in the nation.  They are not supposed to be used by the Democrats to spy on and deter Republicans and their voters, but that is how Obama used them.  Everyone who has been employed by these agencies during the Obama years is a potential leaker and suspect of working for Democrats against America.  Their many security violations are proof that they are not working for the security of the people but for the power of their leaders.

Now, because Democrats accuse Trump of some kind of collusion with Russia, Democrats claim that anything he does, or anything anyone in his administration says about anything or anybody, is connected to their Russian investigation and therefore unlawful and prohibited – according to them.  They would freeze the Trump administration for the duration of his presidency if they had their way and smear him and all his voters in the eyes of their people.  Fortunately, unlike George Bush, Donald Trump is used to warring with his competition and is not afraid to confront Democrats on their false allegations, fabricated accusations, fake news, and fraudulent denunciations, rightfully classifying them 4F.

This double-talking New York Democrat congressman talking to Tucker Carlson in his first segment clearly demonstrates these leftist efforts.  The deceptions and accusations are clearly designed to stop Trump from undoing the damage the Democrats have done to America by any means possible.  His interview begins at min 6:38:

Tucker Carlson exposes Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney’s Democrat baloney

The follow up segments rip to shreds the congressman’s erroneous claims.

D is for Democrat – Distract, Divide, Delude, and Destroy

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