Obama wins 3rd term, arrests Trump, fortifies White House


What is the Democrats end game?  As Hillary Clinton’s campaign implodes, what do Obama and the Democrats plan to do?

Hillary Clinton should have be indicted, tried, and sentenced for national security violations and racketeering from the State Department two years ago.  Instead, Obama’s DoJ AG Lynch worked out a deal with Bill Clinton and coerced FBI Director Comey to not recommend charges based on “lack of intent.”  People who get speeding tickets don’t “intend” to break the law.  Installing a secret email server and wiping it while under subpoena is more than intent.

Hillary’s Moslem watchdog aide, Huma Abedin, is missing from her campaign after the FBI found classified material on his laptop.  WikiLeaks claims to have more incriminating evidence, but what does evidence matter to liberals to whom anyone on the Right that is alleged with wrongdoing, like their charges against The Donald being a sexual predator, is automatic guilt?  Fanatic liberals will still vote for her even if she were to go to prison after the election.

But not everyone is so corrupt.  So as Hillary plunges in the polls what does Obama intend to do to salvage his legacy and continue the deconstruction of America?  Pull Hillary and put Bernie Sanders on the ticket?  The old communist Chavez-wannabe would not only strip wealth from rich Republicans, but steal from rich Democrats as well.  Throw Biden onto the ticket and let Rush have a big guffaw over the demented Uncle Joe being the next president?

How about giving the Democrats what they want most – a third term of Obama?  With a stroke of his pen he could say he abolishes a Constitutional Amendment meant to keep any one man from acquiring king-like powers through his charisma.  That would leave Republicans scrambling for a legal solution and the people seething.  Of course, when half the GOP wants Trump as little as the DNC wants Bernie, there wouldn’t be much of a fight.

And what of the people?  The Right has threatened rebellion is Democrats win through voter fraud or any other illegal means.  The Left, that has already vowed to have riots in the streets if Trump wins rightfully make a moral equivalency between the Right rebelling against violation of the law with their own terrorist threats.  Those without a moral compass can no more differentiate between rebelling against a lawless government and terrorizing a lawful government than they can between killing in self-defense and murder.

So what is the Democrat’s end game?  You would think a Trump victory is assured, but Obama knows that Trump will reverse the gains the Left has made in taking down the Great Satan of Islam and he would be undone.  The anti-American president cannot allow Americans to regain the power they foolishly handed to a charismatic demagogue with no more qualifications to be president than a recruit has to be a general.  He cannot permit America to rise again while Islam is succeeding in Jihad in the Middle East, Europe, and America.  The war has just begun and Trump could undo the damage Democrats have done to America’s economy and the world’s freedom.

Hillary says she will not withdraw and appeals to her supporters to not let Trump “take America backward.”  She says America needs an economy that works for all and not just for those at the top.  The Reagan economy worked for all which is where Trump wants to bring America back, while it is socialism that only works for those at the top.  Democrats have violated all American laws by rioting and terrorizing Americans, giving citizen’s rights to illegal aliens, Obama using taxpayer money to campaign for Hillary Clinton, and Democrats accuse Comey of violating campaign laws.

Contrary to Obama’s belief the president is not above the law.  Democrats are creating a Constitutional Crisis of biblical proportions.  He could pardon Hillary of all crimes she has ever committed, but what do Democrats expect the people will do in that case?  But if Hillary takes the election then she can dismiss the investigation herself and then there will be hell to pay.

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[Why is there a black helicopter hovering over my house in whisper mode?]

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2 Responses to Obama wins 3rd term, arrests Trump, fortifies White House

  1. EIleen says:

    Interesting that Clinton would bash Trump who said that he will only accept the results if they are fair (or if he wins), yet we have Clinton advocating outright rebellion if Trump overcomes her election stealing. Yet the media gives her a pass. I don’t think it will be peaceful no matter who wins – my guess is Joe Biden becomes President and it won’t be because of RINO Ryan as much as he would like it to be his choice. The wildcard here are the rank-and-file military folks, Although the Joint Chiefs of Staff suggested that it would be OK (I heard that on Infowars) to shoot ordinary Americans, (he didn’t say it), I’m not so sure that they’ll blindly follow orders. The National Guard is under control of the state governors, so in this end game scenario, they would be involved as well.

    It wasn’t supposed to happen this way. In a “normal election”, Queen Hillary would lose to King-to-be Jeb Bush and he would continue with the gun confiscation, the attempts to void the 10th Amendment, so states can’t pass We Will Not Comply laws regarding gun control and continue the original Clinton-Bush agenda. I’m also not sure what would happen to Trump if he lost his appeals.


  2. EJ says:

    Trumps whooping the pants off of skank bag tonight. If she wins it’s a scam .. Nobody likes her. She stanks she should be in jail right now. Nasty nasty nasty biotch.. Trump didn’t say it enough. Go trump go man .. Thanks for saving our country from globalism. And the skank bag regime ..She thought she would flood us with muslim extremist and other illegal aliens and take our guns away from us so we’d have no defense. She establishment trash. We love you Donald Trump you’re a true American Hero brother ..


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