Nasty Hillary says Trump is a puppet

hillary-clinton-muslim-hijab-fashionWill America go to war with Russia or with Islam?

Islam is already at war with America.  Terrorist’s mass murders, invading Europe to rape and riot, and coming to America to spread Sharia law over the Constitution are all proofs of Islamo-nazis spreading their hate around the world.  Hillary says Trump talking about working with Putin against the Jihad makes him a puppet of the Russian dictator.  But Trump points right back at Hillary whose campaign was funded by Middle Eastern potentates, invites more Moslems into America at taxpayer expense, and continues to lean on European allies to bend to Islamic will.  Hillary does the bidding of her biggest campaign contributor, the Saudis, in not calling for Europe to send the Syrian “refugees” to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States that have massive funds but are doing nothing for their Muslim brothers fleeing war.

Obama’s fingerprints are all over these events beginning with his election:

  • Obama makes Clinton Secretary of State. She sets up a secret server so they can communicate without government oversight.
  • Hillary makes deals with foreign dictators to fund her foundation in order to receive American support.
  • Obama promotes Islam spreading in America. He begins a war on Christians in the military and on churches to force them to pay for abortions.
  • There has been a successful major Islamic terrorist attacks every year of his presidency.
  • There have been numerous small terror attacks that have been labelled as “workplace violence” or “unstable individuals.”
  • Obama and Hillary foment wars in the Middle East to overthrow dictators and establish Muslim Brotherhood rulers.
  • They succeed in Libya and American Ambassador Stevens is assassinated by the people they helped to overthrow Qaddaffi.
  • They arm the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria to overthrow Assad, but they fail to bring him down because Russians support him.
  • They pull all American troops out of Iraq to make room for ISIS to take invade from Syria.
  • They begin a faux bombing campaign and Obama says Middle Eastern allies must stop ISIS.
  • Iran sends troops into Iraq to fight the Sunni terror state.
  • Obama and Hillary promote Islamists invading Europe from Syria and other war torn regions they have inflamed to migrate to Europe where they rape and riot.
  • They do not ask any Middle Eastern Moslem country to take any refugees, but propose bringing more to America.

Hillary may have won the debate on style points, but she lost on substance, and then she slipped up big at the Al Smith Dinner making a joke that if Trump bans Moslems then Obama won’t be able to go to the annual president’s photo shoot.  Obama has always claimed to be a Christian and leftists have always said we must take him at his word despite all evidence to the contrary.  They claim Obama never lies.  They try to hide Obama’s war on Christianity and aid to Islamists.  Obama has spoken nastily about Americans all his life and while in the White House, but the leftwingnut media say he and Hillary are sweetness and light.  “Teabaggers” know, Christians know, and conservatives know that the two of them hate Christians and Americans and want both to be beaten and abolished.


Hillary slips up again and admits Obama is a Moslem

Democrats are starting fights at Trump rallies and then blaming Trump supporters.  They are committing voter fraud and have been caught on hidden camera bragging about it.  It was revealed by WikiLeaks that Hillary got aid from leftwing media who fed her debate questions in advance.  Democrats can deny none of this but accuse Republicans of violating their privacy.  The Left is being exposed in this election and it is a wonder that Hillary has the support of so many millions of people – but maybe not so surprising when so many of them are illegally voting.

Clinton Cash

Democrat’s voter fraud and duping Millennials

Record voter registration reflects the record turnout for the Republican primaries.  How Democrats, whose primaries were 30% less than four years ago, can compete can only be due to voter fraud so massive it must be uncovered.

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1 Response to Nasty Hillary says Trump is a puppet

  1. Eileen says:

    Meanwhile, she takes her marching orders from someone whom Putin issued an Interpol arrest warrant, if he ever stepped foot in Russia.


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