Americans need refuge from Obama’s peace


Obama thinks he’s fighting a “narrative fight” with ISIS.  When the enemy cuts off your head you have not only lost the narrative, you’ve lost the war.

What kind of galactic stupidity does Obama think he’s peddling on Americans?  Islamic jihadis are slaughtering people by the tens of thousands, they are converting “peaceful Moslems” into jihadis, and they are winning the war against the world to impose Sharia on all peoples.  Obama says this is a battle between those who are “hijacking” a religion of peace and those who believe Islam is a religion of peace.

This is the new normal for peace in our time ala Obama.  America can expect Democrats to not only import cheap labor from Mexico and South America, but import Moslems from the Middle East as refugees from Obama’s New Jihad.  As atonement for killing Sheik Osama bin Laden, Obama has armed, funded, and given American bomber support to the Muslim Brotherhood’s overthrown of Middle Eastern governments.  As he assists the New Caliphate to be reborn, Obama is squandering America’s wealth helping to fund terrorism through Iran, while at the same time inviting our enemies into our homes to make America atone for its sin of resisting Islam.

Hillary Clinton has already announced her plans to continue the Obama policies.  She will make foreigners citizens and give them rights not only as Americans, but over Americans as they wish to impose Sharia law on us infidels.  If people are stupid enough to elect a Republican Congress that might deter her, she will have Executive Orders and a Supreme Court to make law as Obama has been allowed to do.  Just who are the megafools who believe Hillary would be the more effective counter-terrorist of her and Trump?

This is not a conflict of ideologies between which version of Islam is better, let alone which is true.  Fourteen centuries and Muhammad’s own words prove that the Islamic State is fundamentally Islamic.  That it is Obama and his childish belief that Islam is a beautiful religion of peace who is deluded.  Assisting Islam to overcome the world is not going to make the world a better place.  It’s going to make the world into the hellhole that the Moslem Middle East is today.

Obama’s Wars – making refugees, not peace


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3 Responses to Americans need refuge from Obama’s peace

  1. EIleen says:

    If Hillary Clinton gets elected a Muslim jihad is the least of our worries. She’ll confiscate guns before she does anything and she has the compliant, politically correct local governments to do all her dirty work. Other than electing Donald Trump, Americans ought to concentrate on taking back their local governments from the Democratic political machine. If not, we’ll all be like Chicago, even if Trump is president. As a President, there is only so much he can do. He can stop illegal immigration, appoint Supreme Court justices and renegotiate things like NAFTA or pull us out of the UN.

    But to really combat the growing totalitarianism, we must act at a local level. The Federal government is powerless if local and state governments refuse to comply. But to do that, we have to have local officials that are willing to stand up to the Feds, and tell them to Keep your Money. When they do that, the bribery of federal dollars ceases to work and only then will we be able to stop the encroaching police state.


    • dustyk103 says:

      I think that’s already been happening. Democrats have lost well over a thousand seats down the ticket at all levels of government during the last three elections even with Obama retaining the presidency.


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