America is duty bound to exterminate Jihadis


Dead Palestinian children rend the world’s hearts, but rather than blame Islamists who force the children to stand near rocket launchers the Israelis warn are about to be bombed, Democrats blame Israel for bombing them.

Islamist Jihadis are no different than any mass murdering ideologues in history.  Whether Moslem, Nazi, communist, fascist, or despotic pagans, people who declare they have a right to murder other people are not civilized human beings, but wild, rabid animals that need to be destroyed.  People of good heart do not become Jihadis.

The Left believes even people who do evil to others have a right to live.  Even Jesus, as in the parable of the Wicked Wine Growers, declares that the only right murders have is to be executed.  He does not admonish the disciples when they say the authorities will capture and kill the men who murdered the vineyard owner’s son, but affirms their conclusion.

Only leftists avow that ‘turning the other cheek’ means to not act against violence, but Jesus did not say, “If someone rapes your wife, give to him your daughter also,” or “If someone murders your brother, give to him you son.”  People who believe they have a right to murder others do not have a right to live, but have forfeited that right.  The righteous are duty bound to mete out justice and stop them.

As Hamas forces the children of Palestinians to gather near their rocket launchers that Israelis warned are about to be bombed, Democrats are condemning Israel for bombing them rather than Hamas for enslaving and murdering them.  Former President Carter calls for recognizing Hamas as a legitimate government giving them the right to arm and attack Israel.  Democrat support for Islamic terrorism is just one more betrayal of America.

Groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda, ISIL, and all their offshoots are waging war on humanity.  As the superpower in the world, as the Christian nation that liberated other nations and protected the world from Nazis, communists, and despots, the United States is duty bound to destroy the people of all Islamist Jihadi terrorist organizations.  Democrats are allowing America’s enemies to expand their power over the world while weakening the American military believing that baring our children’s throats to Jihadis is the solution to stop their violence.

Golda Meir

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu says Hamas is waging a double war; it is targeting Israeli children while hiding behind Palestinian children.

Survey: Who is responsible for the deaths of Palestinian children – Israel or Hamas?

Would you give up your soul for time on this earth?

Former President Carter calls for recognizing Hamas’ rights

If Moslems don’t want people to get shot, then don’t start shooting at people

Hamas is a humanitarian organization and crimes of American Jihadis

All Jihadis need to be blown to Allah!

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One Response to America is duty bound to exterminate Jihadis

  1. Ana says:

    Liberals think they can control this situation and control the Jihadists. Their theory, same as Stalin and Mao’s, is to let them do all the heavy work destroying their mutual enemies, which in this case is Christians and Jews, and then they can take care of the Jihadists. The problem is that the Jihadists see Liberals as their enemy too. The Liberals are playing a very dangerous game.


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