To impeach Obama or not to impeach him – that is the farce


Obama has violated his Oath of Office and the Constitution on every level all while spitting in the faces of the GOP daring them to impeach him.  The impotent GOP leadership, rather than preparing to do just that, are shouting from the rooftops that they never will.  As if that will make liberal America haters like them.

Democrats and the liberal media are all proclaiming that Republicans are going to impeach Obama even though no such action has taken place.  They are doing this hoping to gin up their base to run to the polls this November to stop Republicans from finally taking control of both House of Congress.  The GOP leadership, who have stupidly thrown away two previous chances to take control of Congress by slapping down conservative candidates rather than aiding them, are falling all over themselves declaring that they would not consider impeachment as if that matters.

What neither side realizes is that, if Republicans were to actually take the action of impeaching Obama, they would find that the millions of conservatives would rise up en masse.  Republicans would suddenly find themselves with the overwhelming support of their base that they lost when they screwed them in the 2012 convention!  But the Beltway wizards believe that more millions of people would be motivated to support Obama than the Republicans.  The only way to convince these boobs would be to actually pull the pin on the grenade and throw the impeachment bomb at America’s first banana republic dictator.

According to recent polls, only one third of the country believes in Obama anymore.  While these America haters applaud their own destruction as Obama’s agenda of deconstructing America and weakening the country worldwide in the face of her enemies, patriots have been seething for years watching their country go down the toilet of liberalism.  Tens of millions of Americans would be thrilled if the GOP grew a pair and a backbone and took action against this tin pot dictator and his pack of clueless idiot czars ruining America.

This is going to be a rerun of the ‘war on women’ meme that Democrats have used to run roughshod over Republicans.  Not one Republican in the entire nation has said one word about taking away women’s birth control, yet the Democrats and their lapdog liberal media have shouted from the rooftops that they all want to do just that.  While one third of the country believe Republicans worshipped Satan if Obama said they did, another third has proven fool enough to believe what he says until they are challenged by the minority one third who know it to be a lie.

“A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” – Mark Twain/Samuel Clemens


Democrats sought to impeach Bush despite his adherence to the Constitution.  Now they deny having done so and claim that Obama has not violated the Constitution by has used the authority of the presidency in a legal manner.  The Constitution does not give him the authority to make citizens at will, or to choose which laws he will enforce and which he can change on a whim.

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