Leading an idiocracy, Obama Democrat’s be dum


Team Jackass – Obama leads where only a jackass will follow.  Why Democrats can’t figure out Obama’s agenda.

Reaching the pinnacle of galactic stupidity, some Democrats are calling for Obama to send the military to close the border and blaming the TEA Party for the border crisis.  For the last six years the TEA Party has opposed Obama’s open border/amnesty policies, and this damn fool thinks it’s all their fault.  Why?  Because they keep Republicans from going along with the whole amnesty deal.

Which begs the question, does this moron think granting amnesty to all the illegal aliens will cause they to stop flooding into the USA, cause it worked so well when Reagan did it.  When even the greatest president of the last century makes a mistake like that (i.e. believing Democrats when they come up with an idea), it’s easy to see how the rank and file Dupecrat can be snookered.  Reagan turned the Carter economy around in six months!  When you can convince a bunch of drug hazed welfare rats that the TEA Party’s objection to Obama’s policies is only because they won’t accept the “greatness of socialism” under a black man, and that Obama couldn’t fix the economy in his first four years, you have established an idiocracy by which to ruin America.

Rush – what Democrats can’t figure out

Is liberalism just dysfunctional thinking, or deliberate deceitful wickedness, or is it just that Americans gave the power of the vote to the galactically stupid, or all of the above?  When the Obama regime closed the government last year, they had no trouble keeping Americans out of the National Parks, or off the National Mall, which indicates they could easily close the border.  But the border patrol has been pulled back and illegal immigrants told to turn themselves in to be granted protection under the law by Obama, who blames the law on Republicans.  The entire debacle is a brilliant scheme by a devious president who understands the stupidity of his constituency and wants to break down the fabric of America to suit his own ends.

Just the fact that liberalism is the default ideology of the ignorant until they learn better should be the first clue that there is nothing intelligent, thoughtful, or considerate in any policy of the Left.  This is not your great grandfather’s classic liberalism of Christians believing in the advancement of technology and science, but the new social liberalism of atheist communists.  Democrat propaganda has so infected the minds of tens of millions of people that they have become incapable to forming a coherent thought, or coming to a logic conclusion, if they ever were.

The Democrat agenda is to deconstruct the American Republic and remake it into the United Socialist States of America.  ‘It is to laugh,’ you say?  Obama is no socialist!  He said he wasn’t.

Why would any intelligent person believe he is a socialist?  Because he declared himself to be a proud socialist in his book!  Did you fracking read it!?!

When Americans elect someone who wants to destroy their country, they have no right to complain when he brings the pain they voted for!  If they could, even chickens are smart enough not to vote for Colonel Sanders.  The fact that Democrats re-elected Obama just goes to prove that chickens have more brains.

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