Romney 2016 won’t win if moderates control GOP

Mitt-Romney-2016 - AP photo

Gov. Romney is an exemplary conservative of the Reagan variety in that he can work with Republicans and Democrats alike and fight for conservative values.  But he cannot win so long as the GOP is controlled by moderates whose only agenda is to have their chance at the taxpayer piggy bank.  Reagan’s presidency suffered working with Tip O’Neil, while Clinton’s prospered because of Newt Gingrich.  America needs conservatives, not only at the helm, but in the engine room.

Rumors abound that Gov. Mitt Romney may run for president again in 2016.  While he had the widespread support of independents and moderates, his campaign fell on its face when the GOP leadership tried to shaft the Republican base at the convention.  When the leaders of the Republican Party detest conservatives who are the backbone of Republicanism, then it is time for new leadership.

Conservatives since the time of Reagan have been disgusted with Washington’s tax and waste policies that are sucking the wealth out of the country leaving tens of millions living on welfare rather than work.  Democrats controlling Congress under Reagan drove the deficit to new heights, but they pale in comparison to Democrats under Obama spending over a trillion dollars a year that the government doesn’t make in tax revenue.  While moderates in the GOP are itching to have their turn at the American piggy bank on the promise they won’t be as greedy as liberals, conservatives say, “stop stealing from our children,” and demand a government that won’t take taxes from half the people to dole out a pittance to the other half while pocketing the rest.  Rather, they demand leaders who will go after Obama and his friends and take that money back!

America’s centers of wealth have shifted from private business and industry and now reside solely with those in power in Washington.  Fiscal conservatives in control of Washington is the only way that Americans will have a chance of recovering from this endless recession to which moderates and liberals have condemned the nation.  Until the apathetic are motivated to get out and vote against their parasitism, those who get benefits from government will continue  to vote for a living and overwhelm those who work for a living.

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