Our child president mocks border madness making America babysitter nation

Border crisis - Breitbart

Illegal immigrants flood America with their children looking for a way into the USA so they can obtain Obama’s benefits package.  Obama blames Republicans for the crisis after having mocked them for demanding border security.  Now the border patrol that Obama tripled is busy doing paperwork to welcome everyone into Obama’s nursery.

“It’s Bush’s fault.  Republicans need to fix this!”  This is the mantra of the man American’s foolishly gave the power of the presidency to, not once, but twice!  Nothing is worse than watching a demagogue crush the American Dream as he generates crisis after crisis to deconstruct America and remake it in the socialist ideal like Red China.  “So sue me,” is his petulant retort as he stonewalls Congressional investigators and dares America to impeach its first black president.

Those who suffer white guilt be damned!  Three years ago Obama mocked Republicans demanding the border be made secure and closed to illegal crossing.  Today tens of thousands of children cross the border and are being welcomed and made at home.  The UN is calling them refugees, but there are no wars in Central or South America.  There are just millions of immigrants who want a piece of the pie Obama and the Democrats are doling out to the people they say are the hope for the future of America.

Obama mocks those who say the border is not secure

Obama says this crisis is all due to a Republican law from twenty years ago.  How stupid are the people who believe this crock of sh*t?  Obama and the Democrats have a black thumb when it comes to growing the economy, or initiating any policy that is supposed to benefit Americans.

Obama mocks Republicans for not doing it his way

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