Commissioner Koskinen sh*ts on IRS investigators and Democrats lick his *ss

Koskinen - CSPAN2

[Obama’s replacement for Lois Lerner who resigned following discovery she was targetting TEA Party groups for abuse by the IRS, Commissioner Koskinen smugly lied directly to congressional investigators that all of her emails were accidentally lost by a computer crash.  Apparently, Koskinen thinking that people don’t know that emails are kept on multiple servers with multiple back-ups is either a complete fool or a pathological liar – and he does not appear to be a fool.  Like his predecessor, this IRS commissioner needs to be held in Contempt of Congress.]

As Republicans delve deeper into Obama’s IRS corruption and persecution of TEA Party conservatives, the new commissioner that replaced Lois Lerner who declared her innocence then pled the 5th, her replacement exhibited all the arrogance, impudence, and disgust at having his veracity questioned by Republicans.  Koskinen took a giant dump on the truth with all the smugness of Obama believing he could claim evidence was lost on IRS computers, a system that keeps records of every taxpayer and business in the country with multiple back-ups and archives for years.  Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) threw his lies back in his face causing Koskinen to muster all of his insolence to protest Ryan’s questioning his honor, declaring that he has never told a lie in his entire life, which caused every honest person within hearing to fall on the floor laughing.

Arrogant IRS commissioner blusters at being called out on his brazen lies

Democrats on the panel hurried over to lick the commissioner’s ass and apologize for his poor treatment at the hands of Republicans.  Koskinen haughtily expounded on his lie with all the virtuosity of a true Obama disciple, declaring with all the aplomb of a pathological liar that the emails were erased from both computers and back-ups due to a computer malfunction.  Obama’s IRS commissioner spoke with the belief that emails are kept on computer hard drives and not on multiple servers.  He acted as if he had no knowledge that emails from the many people with whom Lois Lerner communicated were all on a single server, on a single hard drive that had been erased and then “accidentally” destroyed.  Even ignorant liberals know that all emails are run through many servers and saved both on those servers and in back-ups, and being the IRS there are back-ups of the back-ups.

Fireworks at IRS hearing on Capitol Hill

Trey Goudy rips Koskinen a new one

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