One Big Ass Mistake America – Why stupid people shouldn’t vote

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[Middle class prosperity is down $5000, government wealth is up $1 trillion a year, ObamaCare is destroying the healthcare system, twelve million fewer people collect benefits rather than work, illegal immigrants are flooding the nation, Democrat corruption is running rampant using the IRS against citizens and attacking the Bill of Rights as wrong, the military is being downsized with vets being left without adequate healthcare, and Iraq is imploding under Islamo-nazis as America’s enemies throughout the world resurge in the shadow of Obama’s presidency.]

This is why it is imperative to know the character of the man for whom you vote.  But then, liberals knew full well the character of Barack Obama.  It is the moderates along with a few conservatives who were fooled into believing that his fundamental transformation of America would be for their benefit.  America’s children are not the hope for the future to Obama, but the children of illegal aliens.

TEA Party conservatives are the patriots of America, while liberals are the America haters cheering for the downfall of the nation they despise.  Rich liberals are either a part of the corruption or they are chickens voting for Colonel Sanders.  America is on the verge of collapse, the American Dream is dying, and young people are crying that the Golden Goose won’t be there for them when they are the ones voting to choke it to death.

Obama says he is for America, yet every last policy he has initiated has been geared to bring about America’s downfall, and as he reaps destruction on his nemesis he blames Republicans and the same stupid people who voted for him believe everything he says.  How do patriotic Americans combat the apathy, stupidity, and greed that they equally foolishly gave the vote?  Benjamin Franklin warned that America must remain a Republic where taxpayers are the voters and not giving the vote to tax parasites who would only vote for benefits for themselves.

“Democracy is two wolves and a lamb deciding what to have for lunch.” – Benjamin Franklin

America elected and then re-elected an Islamo-socialist dictator who told his base, “Vote!  Voting is the best revenge!”  As Washington, D.C. has become the richest region in the country, ignorant liberals are wondering where all the wealth has gone.  Rush Limbaugh explains it quite clearly.

“Capitalism makes the rich powerful, while socialism makes the powerful rich.” – Rush Limbaugh

The man with his finger on the nuclear button who could destroy the nation completely either by opening the border and allowing foreigners to move in and take over, or launch one missile at a nuclear armed enemy to rain down fire on America while he sits and watches the show is America’s enemy.  America is in a re-run of 1930s Germany and elected a charismatic man who made rainbow promises and is serving up a sh*t sandwich calling it the new steak.  Liberals and their lies have taken control of America and been promoted by the liberal media to blow smoke in the faces of the people corrupting the heart and soul or the Land of the Free to create the Land of the Freeloader.

“Liberalism is born of ignorance and bred on lies.  Conservatism is born of morality and bred on education.” – Dustin Koellhoffer

Don’t be fooled by the 19th century definitions of liberalism and conservatism.  What used to be liberalism, and is now called classic liberalism, is today called Christian conservatism.  What is now known as social liberalism is nothing more than Christianity’s worst enemy – atheist socialism – and America, the bastion of Christianity, is being torn asunder from within.

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