Climate change – trusting scientist’s predictions has always been foolish


[Liars and Deniers: It used to be the church that burned heretics who didn’t believe what could not be proven.  Today it’s global warming.  How the Left corrupts and deceives in any position of power.  We don’t deny that climate change is real.  We deny that you have the ability to predict the future.  There is as much truth to the science of climate change predictions as there is in claiming that evolutionary theory disproves God.]

Do you believe you should give your government more money to save the Earth from the future predicted by the government’s climate scientists?  Do you think those who reject climate science predictions are religious zealots?  Do you believe science is infallible?

Science has a long history of being wrong for the simple reason that it is the product of man.  Here are some lists of science predictions that fell on their faces.  Just because it says science doesn’t mean there’s not a scam being perpetrated behind it.

Top 10 science based predictions that didn’t come true

Popular Mechanics future that never was

Extremely embarrassing science predictions

Lessons from past predictions

Claiming global warming predictions are coming true

Mathematicians in the field of statistical data gathering have a saying:

“Figures don’t lie but liars figure.”

The same is true in science when it comes to predicting the future.  Science can determine what is factually accurate now, but when it comes to predicting the future they are no better than 50/50, if that.  When that is revealed then they say, “But can you afford take that chance?  We must act now!”

Climate scientists predicting the future are batting zero.  Just look at the predictions they’ve made over the last fifty years and not one has come to pass.  The biggest jokes have been their declarations that the polar caps will melt and flood the coastal cities, and that after Hurricane Katrina the U.S. could expect to be hit by many more Cat 5 hurricanes and no hurricane hit the U.S. for the next three years.

If there is one thing I have learned from salesmen is that when they say this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, that I must act now or lose a fortune, I have learned from experience that the last thing they want me to do is examine the facts they’ve given me.  Frauds exist in all professions and science is no more devoid of them than is religion.  If you want to give your money to your government, you go right ahead – sucker.

Limbaugh liars - EIB

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