Obama spits on cadets at West Point commencement

West Point Obama speech - U.S. Army

[President Obama delivers the commencement speech to West Point’s graduating class of 2014 is met with disdain by cadets.]

As Islamists roll over the Iraqi army that the U.S. installed before being pulled out by Obama following ten long, bloody years of trying to make the country more civilized, Obama told West Point’s graduating class that he would protect them from having to go to war.  His speech was such a display of the pathetic weakness of this president and his policies that the applause was little more than a polite smattering.  Telling West Point graduates, who are prepared to go to war to defend freedom to protect America around the world, that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were unjust is spitting in the faces of every cadet, every graduate, and every member of the armed forces.

Obama’s West Point commencement speech

While Obama has proven he is an excellent speaker when behind the teleprompter, his speeches, especially when off the prompter, are often caricatures of what a true patriot believes.  If Obama ever spoke from his heart, which he occasionally slips up and gives glimpses, America would recoil in horror at his anti-American beliefs.  During his speech he once again emphasized his belief that America is not exceptional, not the light of freedom in the world, but the cause of all the ills in the world.  In his heart Obama sees America as the Great Satan his Islamist teachers told him where he grew up in Indonesia.

The Arab Spring comes to Iraq

West-Point cartoon - Branco

Obama hands Iraq to Al-Qaeda to discredit Bush

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3 Responses to Obama spits on cadets at West Point commencement

  1. Joe Stanley White Southerner - just an educated white southerner says:

    Thank God the Tea Party ( TP ) party is almost dead. Now get out the TP and wipe it off…..


    • Ron D Pert says:

      You seem to be all alone here. Hopefully not a lot of people will share your sentiment.
      If I was a liberal, I would also attack you and deny you your right to free speech.


      • dustyk103 says:

        Most all conservatives share my viewpoint. Why a liberal like yourself would try to make such stupid remarks while denying you’re a liberal I completely understand.


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