Democrats move to abolish the Constitution vs. Republican Convention of States

Two major movements are sweeping across America, one by liberal Democrats and the other by conservative Republicans:

Democrats are working to overthrow the Constitution.  Democrats in Congress have already surrendered their authority to Obama expressing their desire to “create executive orders for him to sign” rather than pass bills to be made into law.  Obama has bypassed Congress in appointing judges to cast down any laws with which liberals disagree.  And most importantly, liberal states are passing laws to overrule Constitutional voting in national elections by eliminating their Electoral College.

Democrats undoing Constitutional voting

In contrast, Republicans are demanding a Convention of States to stop America’s out of control imperialistic Democrats who would abolish the presidency and establish a dictatorship.  Democrats extreme spending and taxation is destroying the American economy causing jobs to be scarce and the nation to decline.  Their regulations are strangling desperately needed energy production and any business that could expand that does not contribute to Democrats’ campaigns.  They have particularly vilified the Koch brothers as if they are evil rich people manipulating the political system, all while living large off of the donations of their own rich benefactors for whom they pass legislation to aid their business while hurting their competition.

Convention of States

The Republican form if government is the ONLY form of government that has ever enabled the people to prosper throughout history.  Democracies always fail because the worst elements in society vote for their own self-interest rather than for the good of all.  They always devolve into the most common form of government – the dictatorship wherein one man makes the rules and only he and his friends prosper at everyone else’s expense.

Eliminating the Electoral College will give urban centers dominance over suburban and rural regions of the nation, so the very blue cities where many are dependent on government entitlements and benefits provided at the expense of the taxpayers, those who occupy suburbia and work farms and factories, would be unstoppable in elections.  No candidate would travel the smaller states and work for votes from the people who make the country work.  All they would need is a few of the largest cities providing them a majority, allowing them to bypass that pesky Constitution limiting government and enabling them to establish the dictatorship they so desire.

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