There is no glory in Hollywood’s annual gala of Narcissists, Inc.

The Oscars were on last night.  When I was young I dreamed of being one of them, of making fabulous movies that excited, thrilled, and inspired people.  Now I sit and watch these people who pretend to be heroes on the big screen knowing that 90% of them, when they speak in public, sh*t on everything in which I as a Christian conservative believe.  I wonder – how do these people, who work a few weeks of the year for millions of dollars pretending to be in danger, support a president who believes they have too much wealth and mislead the people that socialism is a good thing?

The outstanding characteristics of liberals are ignorance and immaturity.  To be a great actor must take a great deal of immaturity because these people who portray heroes are certainly not ignorant of who and what made great Americans.  The horror comes when these liberals pretend to be their hated conservative nemeses such as the great Ronald Reagan whom they portrayed as a doddering racist.  The fear comes when they send subliminal messages to our young like they do in popular TV shows like “Revolution,” when they depict the evil people as “the patriots.”

These wealthy pretenders enjoy the celebrity of their stations and believe themselves to be part of the ruling class.  Government gives them a pass as they move to states where taxes are low while they condemn others, those who spent forty years working sixty hours a week climbing the corporate ladder, as the greedy rich who should share their wealth.  And I notice that the smallest applause of the night went to Matthew McConaughey for winning Best Actor when he gave his thanks to God.

Oscar night

Boo for Follywood!


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