Bringing fascism to the White House, Obama’s stealth war on America

Bill O’Reilly believe Barack Obama is a patriot who is trying to make America a better place, but that he is naively enacting policies that are harming the folks.  Once again Obama’s minions are perpetrating fascism on the people, this time through the FCC, and Obamaites are crying, “If only Obama knew this wrong was being done.”  Obama is the instigator, the architect, the author of the fascism being perpetrated by the IRS, the NSA, and now the FCC.

FCC invades broadcast news agencies

How many times must a man slap you in the face and apologize claiming it was an accident before you realize he is doing it deliberately?  How many lies must he tell before you realize he is deliberately deceiving you?  How often and how badly does Obama have to break Constitutional Law before you realize he is acting with criminal intent against the American people?

Obama has complained that the only reason people believe there are scandals in the Obama administration like the IRS targeting the TEA Party, NSA spying on journalists, Fast & Furious gun running to Mexican drug lords, Benghazi betrayal, and now FCC intimidation is because of broadcasters like FOX News and Rush Limbaugh.  Having declared there is “not a smidgen of corruption” in his administration, Obama and his minions have evaded congressional investigators either through executive interference hiding documents for AG Eric Holder, or by taking the 5th, or by evasive answers.  Such tactics are those of fascist regimes who always silence opposition so that people are kept as ignorant as possible of the goings on in their government, something which American journalists have been known to be free from thanks to the 1st Amendment.  Leftists, especially those in media today, would like to see that right revoked.

Obama’s frauds are too numerous to list, but here are some of the most significant;

Bank fraud – Remember O’Reilly saying, “Banks acted like gangsters?”  Those policies the banks followed were not voluntary, but inflicted on them by Democrats.  They didn’t put guns to people’s heads to make them take loans, but were the ones having a gun held to their heads by Democrats to make them give out those “predatory loans.”  How could anyone believe such nonsense?  Because if they were not Democrat constructs that the party who is “for the little guy” would inflict on the people but that of “greedy Republicans,” then why would Obama reinstate those mortgage policies rather than bring down Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?

Climate fraud – The global warming scam to milk people of their money to “save the planet” is so utterly exposed that, for Obama to continue fostering this fraud on the people in order to raise taxes and regulate fossil fuels, people would have to be naïve to the point of retardation to believe them anymore.  Now their plea is, “but we have to take action ‘just in case.’”

Deficit fraud – Spending our grandchildren’s wealth on his friends, Obama believes that deficit spending is not raising taxes and is printing and borrowing and spending as if money were free.  He campaigned against Bush growing the debt, then tripled the amount of debt spending Bush did once he got in office.  All of his “job stimulus” money has gone into the pockets of Wall Street investors while the people looking for jobs have had over four years and have given up.

Job fraud – While claiming to have made the economy better and lowered the unemployment rate from double digits to just 6.7%, all of that decrease came, not as a result of people finding jobs, but from ten million people being removed from the unemployment rolls because they are no longer counted as looking for work.  If all the people who were working before Democrats took over Congress then the real unemployment rate would still be in double digits.


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