Still in denial, Obama’s ‘Lie of the Year’ is phony reality to liberals

Liberals continue to offer Obama cover for the Lie of the Year as Obama sits for an interview with O’Reilly and denies any wrongdoing, corruption, or lies by him or anyone in his administration.  Leftists say that Obama had to lie because people are too stupid to understand the good he is doing, and even O’Reilly stated that he believes the president’s heart is in the right place.  All this proves is that there are millions of Americans, including O’Reilly, who are either too gullible or too duplicitous to see the truth – that the Democrat’s messiah is not only human, but a deceiver whose administration not only has corrupt elements, but a leader who is the fetid heart of that corruption.

Obama denies ObamaCare mandates

Obama’s Lie of the Year

That millions of people lost their individual health insurance when ObamaCare mandates were enacted is proof that the grandfathering of policies was not included as Obama asserted.  That Obama is acting lawlessly with ObamaCare and proclaiming a delay of the employer mandates that will have the same effect on tens of millions more policies is just as revealing.  His bypassing of the legislature is a direct violation of the Constitution, his Oath of Office, and the campaign promise he made in 2008 not to abuse executive orders.

Conservatives declare that ObamaCare is a defective entitlement and should be repealed.  Liberals complain what would replace it, going back to old system?  The previous system insured 90% of Americans with the insurance they wanted, so what’s wrong with that?  All that is needed is some laws to stop insurance companies from charging some more than others and dropping people from or denying them coverage when they make large claims.


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