Taking Americans for fools, Obama right at home

Why shouldn’t Obama feel at home in taking Americans for a bunch of boobs when he has so successfully made them his dupes?  As O’Reilly sought to pin Obama down on the many scandals his corruption has spawned, Obama deftly brushed him aside and declared himself to be pure of spirit, that FOX News manufactured phony scandals to taint our godly president.

Obama cannot help but be smug in his arrogance.  He fooled ten million people into supporting his bid to be president in 2008, promising them the sun, the moon, and the stars.  His entire campaign was as vacuous as his entire life, a man of no accomplishment, of no skill, and of no talent except that he can convince fools to follow him.

Aside from the ten million who were not fooled again in 2012, there were still some sixty-six million votes cast for his re-election.  If we take away five percent from voter fraud, and another three million for those who would profit from his position, that still leaves sixty million people who voted for America to continue its decline.  Perhaps some ten million of those are people who truly relish seeing the United States of America brought low, leaving some forty million people who are living as tax parasites either freeloading through welfare, Social Security disability fraud, or unions getting tax breaks.  The other ten million consists of those too ignorant or too stupid to understand that Obama is destroying the economy and stealing trillions from taxpayers to give to his minions, believing the greatest Democrat lie of all, that they are for the little guy.

Barack Hussein Obama has every reason to blow off O’Reilly and treat his questions as irrelevant.  He is the messiah to the Left and without sin regardless of his obvious lies.  What does it take for people like O’Reilly to realize that Rush and the Right are correct in their assessment that Obama’s heart is not in the right place.  He does not care that he is hurting the folks and that he is, in truth, deliberately harming the people, that he is, in fact, the fetid heart of corruption set out to bring down the USA.

Why?  Because he is, contrary to his denials, something more readily apparent once one realizes he is a megalomaniac sociopath, a Moslem socialist.  The evidence to support this is mountainous, unless one has the closed mind of an Obama acolyte.

Mockery, denial, character assassination, and contempt aside, this is the only logical conclusion as to why Obama and the Democrats have instituted so many policies that are bringing about America’s decline.  By making millions of people poor and dependent on government, Democrats have succeeded in taking away people’s liberty and making them subjects.  There remains only one more step to complete the deconstruction of America.

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