Obamaville – a nation of beggars and thieves

Were twentieth century Americans the Greatest Generation or the greatest dupes that bred a nation of boobs?  The wealthiest nation in the world has spawned a generation of fat, lazy, greedy children who expect government to foster the nanny state with cradle to grave entitlements.  Did surviving the Great Depression and fighting two world wars forge a nation of doers or a nation of beggars and thieves?

In 21st century America, liberal, conservative, and moderate ideologies are epitomized by black, white, and gray.  Liberals believe there is no God and that morality is derived from the individual, which is why they believe stealing from conservatives is right making them the immoral faction.  Moderates are ok with that so long as they don’t come after them as are willing to share in the spoils, believing wrong and right are not black and white making them the amoral faction.  The moral conservatives who believe in righteousness as taught by Christ are condemned by the other two factions as “old fashioned, flat-earthers.”

Until the 20th century, America was presided over mostly by conservatives who believe in individual liberty to prosper according to one’s own efforts with government as protector of the individual’s rights from criminals and corruption.  America became the greatest and wealthiest nation in the history of the world where anyone could achieve great success living with a benevolent government guided by Christian values.  But since America’s founding there has always been a faction of the people who believe that government should rule the people, and these people believe it is right to take from those who succeed to benefit themselves.

As always, wealth attracts the greedy who covet what others work for and believe they have a right to steal away because those people “have more than they need.”  Those who steal wealth from others are never constrained by their “needs” and will squander wealth until the tree of liberty withers and dies.  When the Left gained power in the early 20th century, they established a foothold by which they have corrupted America.  From the New Deal to Civil Rights to the Great Society, Democrats have appealed to the worst in men while pretending to represent the best.

Each successive generation has demanded more entitlements for doing less work until 50% of people are paying income taxes to benefit the other 50% who live off of welfare, fraudulent disabilities, and government subsidies.  Meanwhile, those liberals and moderates controlling government believe they are entitled to take taxes, not to provide essential protections, but to redistribute to their friends.  Obama and his ilk of socialist ideologues were fully revealed in his belief, as stated to “Joe the plumber,” that his job as president would be to micromanage him so that the people who worked for him would be well cared for.  This is exactly what socialist dictators, not American presidents, do.

The rise of socialism in the early twentieth century led directly to the collapse of economies into worldwide depressions and war.  The resurgence of Christian conservatism under Republican leaders like Presidents Eisenhower and Reagan, and Speaker Gingrich resulted, in each case, in a financial recovery from the debilitating consequences of liberal socialist policies.

The proven major lies of Barack Obama told on a weekly basis since the start of his senatorial campaign have become legion.  No one in the liberal media challenges Obama’s lies, rather they promote them.  In a perfect example of liberal backwards think, Obama asserts that the way to grow an economy is by people spending the money they make rather than making money to spend, which precisely why the employment market is so dreadful.

Americans living on welfare, food stamps, and disabilities have doubled since Obama’s inauguration, and gullible youths continue to be duped into believing it is Bush and Republican policies causing this deterioration.  What has government done to help black inequality?  Blacks today, contrary to a hundred years ago, rank number one in unemployment, crime, drug abuse, abortion, unwed mothers, welfare, and moral decay under Democrat oversight.

Millenials, as today’s younger generation that grew up in the 2000s are called, those 18-29 that voted heavily for Obama liberal Democrats, are waking up to the fact that ObamaCare is a colossal lie and they have been duped.  The true extent of their self-destruction will not by these foolish Democrats until after the 2014 mid-terms when the delays Obama has unlawfully instituted on ObamaCare are lifted.  Then the millenials will be under the full weight of Obama’s “law of the land,” the success of his signature legislation will be fully realized, and they will understand why Rush Limbaugh hoped Obama failed.

Millenials no longer enchanted by Obama

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