ObamaCare fix is Obama’s usual ploy to fix the blame elsewhere

Don’t have health insurance?  Blame Republicans, Democrats will provide it for you for free!  Policy got cancelled by ObamaCare?  Blame the TEA Party for shutting down the government!  Want your policy restored?  Blame insurance companies for not spending billions to reconstruct their policies.

President Obama is a rolling disaster.  First he signs a thousand page law and then passes another 20,000 pages of additional regulations to attach to it.  And at the first sign of the disaster that ObamaCare is designed to create, he does an about face and says no one has to comply with it.

Meanwhile, insurance companies and businesses have spent the last three years preparing for its implementation.  Businesses breathed a sigh of relief months ago when Obama subverted the law and said they don’t have to comply with it until after next year’s elections.  TEA Party candidates said the people deserve the same waivers that were given to businesses and unions, to which the president responded that they are terrorists!

Now he is giving everyone those waivers AFTER his billion dollar website proved to be his latest fecal expulsion, and AFTER 5 million people had already had their policies cancelled by ObamaCare regulations.  What took years to prepare and initiate, Obama believes he can undo just by saying so, and that is what he is telling the people.  It doesn’t matter that it would take months for companies to recreate the policies that ObamaCare destroyed and get them back to the people, only to have ObamaCare destroy them again next year!

The small minded ideology of President Obama is out done only by the two-faced exploits of Barack.  When President Obama stupidly lies and destroys the insurance industry in order to force people to beg and bow to government for single-payer monopoly on their lives, Barack says he will fight the government takeover of healthcare.  The only thing that is happening is Democrats will get billions more in taxes, millions of people will get less health care, and more millions will lose their jobs as Democrats led by Obama wreak havoc on the economy.

The Democrat controlled government will get their taxes.  The people will lose their healthcare and jobs.  And the conservatives will get the blame.  Is this a great country or what?

Obama: Liar and Blamer-in-Chief

Obama calls America’s privately run healthcare and insurance system “broken.”  What is more broken than a government run healthcare system in which premiums are doubled, a hundred million lose their insurance, and millions of jobs and lives are lost to the decrease in medical professionals in America?  People have had only a tiny taste of ObamaCare’s mandates.  When the business mandate goes into effect, this little episode of a few million losing their coverage will become a full blown myocardial infarction combined with a massive stroke and terminal cancer as Democrats destroy and take control of everyone’s healthcare, and have the lives of citizens in their greedy hands.

Obama has blamed insurance companies for raising premiums, cancelling policies, and not reinstating those cancellations the next day, all of which was done due to ObamaCare mandates and imperial edicts.  Apparently, Obama believes that if he speaks it is done, and that companies can magically create policies at the push of a button.  Obama’s temporary retreat will only last until after the 2014 mid-term elections in which he intends to blame Republicans and capitalism for the failure of ObamaCare and demand people vote Democrat so that the uninsured can have insurance, but still no means to pay for it except to steal more from taxpayers.

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