Obama and ObamaCare – incompetent boob, insidious deceiver, or both

Hitler’s Big Lie was designed to deceive his opposition while encouraging supporters to defend him and profit from the chaos.  In 2009 Obama swore that ObamaCare would not cost anyone to lose their health insurance or their doctor, and would not add any costs to the federal budget.  In the three weeks since ObamaCare went live over two million people have lost their insurance, thousands of doctors are opting out, and the deficit is skyrocketing to over a trillion dollars once again.  Liberals are saying that ObamaCare is working perfectly and that the president did not lie, he merely told the people what they wanted to hear in order to get the healthcare industry under the boot of Democrats.

Obama lies exposed, claims ignorance

The American Dream, prosperity, and the greatest healthcare system in the world are all dying under the administration of Barack Hussein Obama.  Democrats have voted to destroy the Christian republic of a free America, transforming it into an atheist socialist dictatorship under a covert Islamist whose pretense to Christianity, the ideology of Black Liberation Theology, venerates the Jesus of the Koran.  ObamaCare exchanges are being set up by radical liberal socialist groups to be a combination pseudo health insurance provider and voter registration depot.  Democrats will use registered names for pollsters to use to stuff ballot boxes in the 2014 and 2016 elections as they did in 2012.

After 2010’s devastating losses, Democrats have resorted to ballot box stuffing by having pollsters use the names of everyone registered Democrat, and even those not registered.  One example, Port St. Lucie, Fla., reported 146% of registered voters all casting ballots for Democrats.  Such blatant and unchallenged voter fraud threatens to overturn the liberty and rights of the American people and fundamentally transform America through a coup d’état at the ballot box.

Obama is blaming insurance companies for dropping people from their coverage.  Scapegoating them because ObamaCare law requires them to drop customers is like blaming employers for not creating more jobs when the government is taxing away their profits.  Democrats are sucking the life out of the economy and the healthcare industry and blaming the victims for their losses.  Democrats saying Obama didn’t lie because he didn’t read his signature legislation are asking people to believe he is honestly incompetent, the alternative being he is an insidious deceiver who lied from the beginning.  They are claiming that Obama didn’t mean what he said because they need millions to be without insurance and forced to buy ObamaCare to make it viable.

Senators Cruz, Lee, and Paul were all telling the truth and striving to protect the people from the sham that is ObamaCare.  While Michelle Obama’s family profited half a billion dollars designing a website designed to fail.  All of this is setting the stage for Obama and the Democrats to seize control of the healthcare industry and make a government monopoly through single-payer.  President Roosevelt broke monopolies for the very reason that monopolies lead to absolute corruption.

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