Liberals choose slavery, conservatives demand liberty, moderates say ‘whatever’

If nothing else is obvious from the way the government shutdown ended it should be obvious to any observer that the GOP leadership not only doesn’t have the stomach for a fight, but have been enabling Obama’s takeover of the government without opposition.  Seventy percent of Americans do not want the new ObamaCare entitlement, yet the only ones in government who are representing them, the Tea Party, is the object of scorn and derision.  With the liberal media in his pocket, Obama showed no restraint in directing his most vile, nasty, vicious rhetoric at the conservatives with whom he said he would get along at his first inaugural speech.

The joke on America is that he repeatedly says he is willing to negotiate with Republicans, repeatedly says he is reasonable, humble, and judicious, repeatedly says he is for unity, yet he always acts in the most vindictive, petty, childish ways seeking to destroy millions of Americans.  Dr. Keith Ablow analyzed Obama’s hate-filled rhetoric as that of a man who think of and portrays himself as a victim, validating the Limbaugh Theorem that Obama is not in charge, but the victim of Washington politics.  He suggests that Republicans, who passively follow Obama rather than confront his policies, would be better off with a strong conservative leader like Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) who takes on Obama’s policies fearlessly.

Conservative leaders would not accept Democrats’ actions, especially their refusing to pass a budget for the last five years, and force them to vote on everything, including giving themselves their exemption from ObamaCare.  Democrats have been spending America’s tax dollars, plus an additional trillion borrowed dollars every year for the past five years without accounting for where that money is going.  Now Republican leaders are talking about accepting amnesty for illegal aliens, which would give Democrats a lock on government for the next century as twelve million new Democrat voters are enough to turn all the red states blue.

Dr. Keith Ablow analyzes Obama’s temperament

Republican Party embraces irrelevance

Sen. Mike Lee’s letter to America

Dr. Ben Carson equates ObamaCare with slavery

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” –Edmund Burke

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