Democrats up Obama’s creek without a paddle and Republicans offer to row

Democrats now find themselves up the financially metaphoric sh*t creek without a paddle and Republicans just volunteered to paddle with their hands.  McConnell and Boehner, lacking the balls to stand up against Obama’s vicious rhetoric and vile smears have not only surrendered, but thrown in their lot with the president to bankrupt the United States.  Following five years of Obama’s trillion dollar deficits without a budget, but also without Republican demands for accountability, moderates have now signed on to Obama’s scheme to bankrupt America.

The question now is not, can they recover?  The question is, can the Tea Party now repeat 1860 and consign the corrupted GOP to history with the Whigs?  When the Republican-Democrat Party dissolved as the Democrat Party formed to replace the federalists, those who wanted government to rule and not serve in America, the Whigs took their place with a conservative base.

As corruption again set in, conservatives left the Whigs to reform as the Republican Party.  Now conservatives are left with no voice in Washington to stop government from taxing and spending America into oblivion except the Tea Party.  Still, even as the Republican leadership submit to being Obama’s door mat, the Limbaugh Theorem continues to define Obama’s presidency in which he enacts his policies and then campaigns against them when the people object.  They then believe he’s on their side.  The theorem can be summed up thusly;

Limbaugh Theorem: Lies + Stupidity = Obama

Cruz/Palin 2016

Obama’s legacy


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