Liberal veterans vilify today’s soldiers to the disgrace of the nation

One would think that the brotherhood of arms shared by veterans of foreign wars would transcend politics, but that is not the case.  Some of the older veterans have taken a stand with liberal Democrats in disparaging today’s American soldiers even to the point of hoping for their defeat and deaths in battle.  They are a disgrace to the uniform and the nation they declare to love.

Their condemnations reverberate across the nation whenever they demean the service of modern soldiers as being “mercenaries” because they retire from military service to serve with civilian companies that assist the military.  Former Navy SEALS Glen Doherty and Ty Woods, two of America’s best and bravest sacrificed their lives in Benghazi on 9-11-12 defending the staff of the American embassy enabling them to escape.  Because these men were working for a civilian contractor, these liberal veterans spurn them contemptuously as mercenaries.

Nothing is worse than a self-righteous liberal who is so contemptible as to cast aspersions on today’s soldiers while hypocritically claiming his family fought in past wars that were “honorable.”  City College of New York Professor S. Sander John organized protests of retired General David Petraeus who is teaching a class at the college this semester calling him a war criminal.  Students harangued the man who led American forces to victory over Iraqi insurgents during the Bush administration enabling Obama to declare victory in Iraq and end the war there.

Liberal professor calls Petraeus and today’s veterans as war criminals

This liberal professor, supposedly a man of knowledge teaching America’s youth, demonstrates his absolute ignorance of America’s “honorable” actions in the wars in which his father and brother fought.  He complains about today’s troop’s juvenile abuse of prisoners at Abu Ghraib, and conveniently forgets that during WWII the nation incarcerated American citizens of Japanese descent, some of whom died in captivity for no greater crime than having been born of Japanese parents.  He condemns today’s soldiers as murderers because of the crimes of a few and conveniently forgets the crimes committed by soldiers in Vietnam murdering villagers, shooting them from helicopters, and the My Lai Massacre.

American soldiers sacrifice everything in service to this nation.  Wanting better pay is not a crime, nor is it unpatriotic.  Military service has always been financially unrewarding, and today it is a thankless job for the men and women who serve this nation not only in the armed forces, but also in local government services of law enforcement and fire/rescue services.  Serving the people is not just a federal job, it is a calling for anyone who puts themselves in harm’s way for their fellow citizens.

Unfortunately, there are some people who do not appreciate those who come to their rescue and defend them from terrorists, criminals, and disasters until those evils come to their doors.  There are many who call soldiers “baby killers” and ridicule police as “pigs.”  Politicians use their service to blackmail citizens for more taxes.  And when they see in their rear view mirror those red lights flashing on their way to an emergency to help someone in need, there are those who curse them for disrupting their driving.

As for referring to them as mercenaries, a mercenary is a soldier who will fight under any flag for pay.  American soldiers who work for civilian contractors are still fighting under the American flag.  To cast them as nationless mercenaries is beyond insulting to the men and women who continue to serve, fight, and die for the American people.  Doherty and Woods deserve Medals of Honor for their courage in going to the compound to protect the embassy staff and should be honored for giving their lives, but that will not happen under liberal Democrats.

Battling boys of Benghazi

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