Psychology of conservatism and liberalism based on conflicting morality

Everything in the world exists in pairs of complimentary opposites.  This is the philosophy of Yin-Yang.  There are two types of people, each with subdivisions.  There are masters and slaves with subdivisions of each being pirates and rebels. 

The dichotomy of the Right and Left, the light and the dark side of human nature is found in these divisions.  The Godly and the ungodly are in interminable conflict, one being those who would help one another at a cost to themselves, and those who would help themselves at the expense of others.  As each generation is born and comes into their own the same character traits are repeated as they learn to either respect one another or hold others in contempt.

No group of individuals, or any one individual is entirely one or the other, but each is a composite of different elements of each.  Where one may hold righteous beliefs in equality, he may also maintain that some groups are not as equal as others.  The degree to which one leans right or left on a particular issue, set of issues, or issues as a whole determines whether they are rightwing or leftwing in their viewpoint.

Within each person is the very conflict that rages throughout society and is often confusing to individuals.  Where some on the Right attempt to legislate morality they are attempting to control others the way the Left would in having government rule over the individual.  Where those on the Left believe people should be allowed to choose their own moral course they are emulating the Right in their belief in liberty.  On every individual issue there are those who can choose either the rightwing or leftist attitude and this conglomeration confuses most.

A liberal who believes in “free love” may perceive a conservative who is becoming more mellow and understanding as he matures as becoming more liberal.  Yet it is not his morality that his changing, but his maturing out of his judgmentalism.  A liberal learning how to be responsible with money is becoming financially conservative.  But he is not becoming more morally responsible for himself because he still wants government to exercise control over others.

The difference between liberal and conservative morality, the Left and the Right, is that the leftists are those who desire to exercise control over others to have respect for themselves while the Right is about personal responsibility of oneself by respecting the rights of others.

The values of righteous leadership

Those who lead, whom people choose to follow, set the tone for the basis of the morality to which their people adhere.  Masters and slaves who are pirates will steal from others their goods, their lives, and their self-respect.  They are invaders, conquerors, and dictators.  Masters and slaves who are rebels will fight for liberty and justice for all respecting themselves and others to promote equality for all.

Leaders will govern either through fear or respect.  The history of the world is a legacy of piracy out of which American Exceptionalism was born to build a government based on Christian morality.  Criminals rise to power through fear that they deem to be respect, but this is a delusion to which they cling.  Their policies are always beneficial to themselves and harmful to the governed who hate them.

These slave drivers will use any means at their disposal to turn people to their side, either through fear and intimidation or through deception.  America today is being turned from the land of the free and home of the brave into the land of the freeloader and home of the bum.  As people are being deceived into accepting a tyrannical government promising them security, they are being lured into the trap of accepting slavery that will provide them nothing.

For America’s first hundred years Republicans were elected to control the government to serve the people by allowing only those who were taxpayers to vote.  But criminals eventually realized how to manipulate the system by giving the vote to those who had no stake in helping America to prosper, but sought to prosper from America.  Their propaganda easily swayed the immoral and easily corruptible leftists of the nation to give them power and allow government to be the thieves who steal from those who worked hardest to prosper.

Where Republicans like Theodore Roosevelt battled the pirate masters who enslaved their employees, Democrats like Woodrow Wilson punished all who succeeded and prospered in business to the benefit of degenerate voters.  The liberty by which America was born has been corrupted by those who found that pandering and demagoguery would yield them power and enable them to prosper at the expense of others.  The lure of the dark side of the Left is a powerful driving force that the light of the Right must struggle against on a daily basis to keep America from sliding from a land of liberty into another socialist dictatorship.

Washington prospers while America languishes

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