Liberals laud the genius of Obama’s stupidity

Between the efforts of Secretary of State John “Lurch” Kerry and President Barack “Little Barry Sotero” Obama, American diplomatic power and relations have been set back a hundred years.  Making a foolish remark as he spoke of stopping Syria’s use of chemical weapons, Kerry realized immediately his mistake in suggesting that bombing Syria could be halted if Syria agreed to give up their chemical arsenal.  His obvious attempt to walk back his suggestion as being unviable was seized by Russian President Putin who then took the moral authority from America to protect his Syrian ally from Obama’s interference.

Kerry sticks both feet in his mouth

Having had his plans to be Al-Qaeda’s air force foiled, Obama attempted to save face by saying he never declared a red line on the use of chemical weapons, but that the world did.  He said that, by failing to follow him, the world and Congress and the American people were at fault for not upholding the UN ban on chemical weapons use.  Obama finished by declaring that Russia’s offer to disarm Syria was all part of his own brilliant diplomatic maneuvering to avoid having the U.S. go to war with Syria.

The entire affair resulted in Obama being revealed to be nothing more than a bloviating pretender who blames others for his mistakes and takes credit for their successes.  In this case, however, he acted against the best interests and will of the American people while playing into the hands of the Russian leader.  Obama has said that America is arrogant and has acted stupidly.  Now he has proven that what he said was true in an America led by Obama and the Left.

Putin plays Obama for a chump


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