The Obama recovery officially worse than the Bush recession

In 2008-9 America fell into a deep recession.  Obama blamed this recession on Bush policies.  Yet the economy was chugging along just fine until Democrats got control of Congress in 2006 and began making economic policy.  Obama blames tax cuts for the recession, and yet again, when he had the chance to raise taxes he refused until after the 2012 elections.

Now, with the president delaying the implementation of ObamaCare until after the 2014 midterms, a report has come out that reveals Obama’s recovery has been far worse on the middle class than the so-called Bush recession.  Incomes have dropped more during Obama’s recovery than they did during the recession.  Is it any wonder when employers are reducing employees to part-time in order to avoid the heavy ObamaCare tax?

Obama claims that Bush initiated trillion dollar deficits, despite the fact that Bush didn’t sign the 2008 congressional budget, but Pelosi (D-Cal.) held that budget for Obama to sign.  And since then the Senate has not passed another budget, operating illegally wasting taxpayer’s money for the past five years.  These massive increases of the National Debt, combined with the largest peacetime tax increase in history through ObamaCare, are the reasons America’s economy is shrinking.

Income drops more in Obama recovery than in Bush recession

Rush Limbaugh pointed out that this report is going unnoticed because the public is being distracted by insignificant events like Ben Affleck playing Batman.

Limbaugh on public distractions from the Obama economy

Rush pointed out that liberal policies are causing cities to go bankrupt throughout the country, while liberals continue to blame Republicans for all the destruction Democrat policy has been doing to the economy.

No conservative policies lead to inner city blight

Obama has been using Republicans as a punch toy from the start always blaming them for the damage done by liberalism.  American’s have been so slow to wake up to this fact that they actually re-elected him to continue those policies, policies that he campaigned against despite being their author.  And people continue to disassociate Obama from his policies and responsibilities as president while he remains in campaign mode rather than govern, living the Limbaugh Theorem. 

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