The Great Divide between the Right and Left

In the dichotomy of life, when all compounds are broken down to their foundational elements, there are only two sides to the coin; Godly and ungodly, and all else is merely subdivisions or reinterpretations thereof.  Good and evil, light and dark, heat and cold, energy and void, life and death, right and wrong, angels and demons, others and self, positive and negative, responsibility and blame, honesty and deceit, traders and thieves, moral and wicked, conservative or liberal, right-wing or left, love and hate, courage and fear, just and angry.  By whatever description, the fact is that we are all human beings and these traits are inherent in us all.

All of us are possessed of both polar opposites of character, which is why they are ‘and’ instead of ‘or.’  None of us is 100% one or the other, we merely tend toward one or the other according to our nature, by the choices we make in life.  We are each composed of a compound of elements that mix and match one or the other, which is why we confuse ourselves when we believe we fit in somewhere in between.

The universe is not composed of gray, it is black and white.  It is that there are so many components that comprise the system that we blind ourselves to the truth and believe in shades of gray.  When we can truly see ourselves in the light of truth and honestly assess ourselves objectively that enlightenment comes.  Otherwise, we go through life miserable and alone and always feeling less than what we want to be.

Every person has their own issues.  Conservatives and liberals as groups have issues, some of which actually belong in the other’s venue, which is why so many choose to call themselves ‘moderates.’  But claiming to be moderate is a cop out.

40% of people claim to be conservative, 20% say they are liberal.  From the age of 20 to 60 half of liberals will become conservatives as they mature and learn the morality of how the world works.  Of the 40% who say they are moderates, half of them are liberals who are lying to others, and the other half are liberals lying to themselves.

To add to the confusion, conservatives and liberals as ideologies actually hold the other’s viewpoint on several policies.  For example, conservatives believe in liberty of the individual while liberals believe in the oversight power of the state controlling people.  Yet conservatives want to control drug use while liberals want to leave it to people to choose.  Like prohibition of the 1920s, the war on drugs has done nothing but increase crime because people want their mind-numbing drugs because they cannot deal with reality.

America will not reclaim its glory or pull people back from the brink of falling to the slavery of socialist despotism unless they stop trying to legislate morality and stop government growing at the taxpayer’s expense.  During the 19th century, America grew faster than any industrialized nation in the world.  The wars of the 20th century enabled America to become the dominant power in the world despite Democrats stripping the wealth of the nation.

But, like all states that fall into the bondage of the socialist ideology, that wealth is drying up as the propaganda against wealth and success reaches a fever pitch.  Democrats are asking people to corrupt themselves to the point that they abandon liberty and submit to government authority in all things, to abandon God and family while becoming slaves of the state.  America’s only hope is for a conservative of strength and courage to stomp down the liberal media propagandists and announce that God, family, country, and honest work are the values that America must live if liberty is to survive.

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“If you under thirty and a Conservative, you have no heart.  If you’re over thirty and a Liberal, you have no brain.” – Winston Churchill

“When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” – Thomas Jefferson

“When good compromises with evil, evil wins.” – Rush Limbaugh

“The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.” – Ronald Reagan

“Beware of False Prophets.  You will know them by their fruits.” – Jesus

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