Black on white hate crimes increase with Obama’s silent endorsement

If Barack Obama had a son, he would look like James Edwards.  In the weeks since George Zimmerman was exonerated in the self-defense shooting of Trayvon Martin, black on white hate crimes have risen dramatically.  While Obama and black leaders all claim the Zimmerman case was about racial profiling and racism, actual racial hate crimes are being committed by blacks and the liberal media is sweeping them under the rug.

A dead college baseball player and a hospitalized thirteen year old are just two of the victims of Obama’s “revenge.”  Jesse Jackson says the murder is “frowned upon” by black leaders.  Among the righteous, such murderers are hanged by the neck until dead.

It is obvious from their actions that they have no respect for human life and will be a threat to society so long as they live.  If a person doesn’t learn to be a human being by the time he becomes a teenager, that person is so consumed by evil that he will likely spend his life doing evil to others.  Liberals coddle these animals under the mantle of “rehabilitation,” even releasing them back into civilized society, and then act shocked when they kill again.

Liberals like Obama lack a moral compass.  They tell the righteous their interpretation of what Jesus said, that when He said, “turn the other cheek,” he meant never meet violence with violence.  So if someone shoots your brother, should you give him your son also?  A slap in the face is an insult, not murder.

Blacks in America have been trained and corrupted by their leadership to hate America, to despise white people, and to believe that they are being abused.  The problem is that they are being abused, but it is the people for whom they vote that are abusing them.  Democrat policies have led to black culture becoming engrossed in drugs, crime, and welfare, destroying their families and making them dependent voter slaves to the government.

The Left deflects and projects their culture of corruption on the Right, casting blame and denying responsibility for all the damage they have done in their hatred of the American ideology of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Liberals say that whites have to be careful not to say there is a racist hate crime being committed when blacks kill whites.  This reporter says that whites should not only be shouting back “RACISTS,” but that they should be denouncing this president who stands mute in the face of these atrocities.

Obama and the Left will not condemn these evil criminals, but egg them on.  Liberal reporters blame whites reporting Lane’s death originally as three black men and not two with the third being white.  How long before they blame Lane for his own murder?

Leftwing shoots the messenger for reporting 3 black teens in thrill kill

A WWII veteran was beaten to death by two black teens.  Don’t expect Obama to say boo about it.

WWII vet beaten to death by two black teens

After three black teens hospitalized a younger white boy, liberals blamed the bus driver for not stopping them.  The bus driver was fearful for his own life.  What was this bus driver to do?  Drivers have been fired and criminally charged for assaulting teenagers in fights.

Blaming bus driver for allowing 3 black teens to beat white boy

Obama’s son, James Edwards, tweeted loads of racial hatred before shooting Lane.

Obama’s son a racist

A member of Obama’s own administration, an employee of Homeland Security no less, set up a website calling for a race war!

Race war called for by DHS employee

And people wonder why the government hoarded a billion bullets?

Gov’t hoarding bullets

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