Obama’s Jihad against the Christian God in the military

As Commander-in-Chief, President Obama makes military policy.  Over the last few years chaplains have been forbidden from speaking about Christ and God, soldiers have been forbidden from saying Jesus Christ at funerals, and now even videos that mention God are being edited or banned.  Christianity is under siege in America. 

Military video poem about 1st Sgts. and God banned

Father John Morris on removing God from the military

Obama makes jokes at being called a socialist Moslem while claiming to be an American Christian.  Likewise, Bernie Madoff claimed to be a capitalist investor.  Like Madoff, Obama talks sweetly, but he acts every bit the same as atheist socialists and Moslem fanatics who are anti-Christian.

Obama’s policy bans the Christ at military funerals

Obama’s “Christian” church is that of Rev. Jeremiah Wright that teaches Black Liberation Theology.  BLT is very closely related to Islam in that the god they worship is not the God of the Bible, Father of Christ.  Their messiah is a black man persecuted in a country ruled by rich white people.

Why atheists and Moslems have common ground can be found in that Islam is not just a religion based on anti-Christianity, but also the most successful socialist system in history.  All followers must believe and act in the same way and hold the same standing in society under the Imams serving the state run theocracy.  Obama is successfully prosecuting his Jihad against Christianity in the United States because sixty million people are closing their eyes to the truth.

Moslems object to the God of Christ because He is not the same as Allah.  Atheists object to God entirely and see no difference between one god or another because, to them, all gods are make believe fantasies of superstitious minds.  Moslems can have common cause with atheists because they know from four hundred years that anyone who has no faith in Christ can be forced to become a Muslim.  This Jihad of infiltrate and subvert worked very well in places like Indonesia.

If Americans are not careful, Obama could drive Christians out of the military and populate America’s fighting forces with Leftist anti-Americans who would happily institute martial law and follow the Hitler model.

Obama’s Islamic heritage

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