Obama’s solution to National Debt – stick it to the red states

Republicans say they are the Party that will reduce the size of government and relieve the burden on the taxpayer.  President Obama agrees with them and has initiated his plan to reduce the National Debt and the deficit.  He is beginning by trying to unload debt laden programs like the Tennessee Valley Authority which is $25 billion in debt thereby dumping a part of the federal debt on a red state.  When Republicans objected to this, he declared that they don’t really want to reduce the size of government or the debt or alleviate the deficit at all.

Obama wants to give his debt to red states

This act coincides with Democrats’ new motto, “When disaster strikes, don’t expect help from Democrats if you live in a red state.”  Democrats are saying Oklahomans should pay for federal aid because they choose to live in Tornado Alley.  Just as President Obama has neutered Gov. Christie of NJ who now follows Obama obediently, he is striving to make all states bow to him or face crushing debt.

Having spent the last four years running up trillion dollar deficits, with Democrats in Congress having doubled the National Debt over the last seven years, Obama is solidifying his tyranny by turning gold to lead for Republicans and their supporters.  Having had the IRS go after conservatives for the last three years to strip them of finances, Obama is having his attorney general investigate himself for law-breaking, including violating a FOX News reporter’s Constitutional rights.  Liberals refuse to believe the facts and say anything Obama can do to harm conservatives is a good thing.

Any conservatives who don’t realize they are in a war for the heart and soul of America had better take their own heads of out the sand.  With liberals and moderates running the government as their own piggy bank, creating programs designed to fail so they create more programs to fix them, also designed to fail, they have created a business that thrives on failure.  Responsible Americans, patriots, and taxpayers are being duped and held hostage to a government that has changed from a symbiotic relationship with the people to a parasitic one.

GOP deals with Democrats ruining the country

In America, liberal Democrat government is the only business that thrives on failure.

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