President Obama has a terminal case of encephaloproctosis

After suppressing the conservative vote through fraud, intimidation, and corruption by the IRS, President Obama has assigned his attorney general, Eric Holder, the man illegally wiretapping reporters, selling guns to Mexican drug dealers, and who has said he will not prosecute blacks for voter fraud, to investigate himself.  Holder’s investigation of FOX News reporter Rosen violates the Constitution in multiple ways.  For the president to assign him to investigate a matter on which he signed off is asking the fox to guard the hen house.

Holder has already been held in Contempt of Congress for withholding information on the Fast & Furious operation and Obama has already spent years persecuting and insulting FOX.  Obama says Holder is as virtuous as himself and that what he says can be trusted without doubt.  Obama’s word is his bond and he says the American people can take him at his word and trust what he says regardless of what he does, just as Bernie Madoff said he was an investment broker and that people could trust him with their money.

Barack Obama is suffering from what in medical terms is a case of not being able to see past his own shit.  Encephaloproctosis is the paramedic’s term for a person who has their head up their ass.  When Obama thinks he is pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes and making them believe his shit doesn’t stink, that the shit sandwich he is serving is the new filet mignon, the only ones being fooled are the most ignorant fools in the country.

Fairleigh-Dickinson University says they did a study that shows FOX News listeners to be the least informed, even more so that Rush Limbaugh’s “uninformed voter” who listens to no news about politics.  Another fraud perpetrated on the ignorant which many of the poor fools will believe.  The average low-information voter doesn’t even know these scandals are happening, let alone any of the details.  Many believe Benghazi to be a person, Ben Ghazi and have been misguided enough to believe that bugging reporters at FOX News to be righteous.

Obama and Holder, Pelosi and Reid, Clinton and Biden have been a six pack of the most corrupt, lying, thieving, Banana Republic dictators in American history.  Democrats like to cry shame at Republicans when their agenda is overturned and conservatives do the right thing.  The shame is on Americans who swallow their sandwich and believe it to be what the president says.

Liberals condemn conservatives as bad people, while conservatives condemn liberals for bad ideas.  They won’t even debate conservative values because they already know they are wrong.  All they can do is spread shit on the good stuff and hope no one will notice there was anything better there before.

How stupid do they think we are?

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This site is my opinion only and is unpaid. I am a retired Paramedic/Firefighter with 25 years of service in the City of Dallas Fire Dept. I have a B.A. degree in Journalism, and A.A. degrees in Military Science and History. I have spent my life studying military history, world history, American history, science, current events, and politics making me a qualified PhD, Senior Fellow of the Limbaugh Institute, and tenured Professor for Advanced Conservative Studies. 😄 It is my hope that readers can gain some knowledge and wisdom from my articles.
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