The insanity of Barack Obama

Liberals not only suffer from dysfunctional thinking as exhibited in their liberal backwards think, but also from the very definition of insanity;

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.” – Albert Einstein

The insanity of liberals is the belief that they can make the world fair and achieve equality through socialism and that capitalism is inherently unfair.  Yet the history of the world proves the exact opposite to be true.  It is an axiomatic theorem that capitalism under a benevolent Republic breeds liberty, while all other governments are tyrannies that breed slavery, and that socialism is no different.

Socialism must be imposed on people as are all dictatorships for the benefit of the few.  Where a capitalist society of merchants may make their fortune through fair and free trade, all other governments keep their people in thrall and do not allow any to rise who do not serve the dictator.  Prior to the United States, only the Republic of Rome flourished so greatly.

While socialist governments enthrall the people into servitude to the state so that all benefit equally, they squash the drive in man to succeed as no reward is forthcoming for additional effort.  Hence they decay and fall into atrophy.  Likewise, democracies, wherein all the people have equal say also always failed.  Because they permitted those who do not contribute to the state to benefit from it, they set the stage for their own corruption by the most greedy and slothful.

Demagogues engage in seducing such people and breeding envy in their hearts for those who achieve and acquire more than themselves.  They appeal to the hearts of thieves instead of extolling the virtues of profiting through one’s own labors.  They promote servitude to the state “for the good of all,” which sounds like virtue, but is merely slavery to those in power.

Socialist governments of the 20th century are responsible for more mass murders than all the worst killers of history, including Tamerlane, and more on a par with the Black Plague in body count.

Socialism is the Black Death of the 20th century

The evils of the socialist regimes of the Nazis, the Soviets, and the Red Chinese go far beyond any government in history.  But the religion of Islam overshadows them all in its use of religion as a tool of enslavement, brainwashing their followers with their devotion to prayer and endorsing the oppression and slavery of any who are “infidels not of the faith.”  In truth, more death and destruction has been done in the name of a god not the Father of Christ than by those anti-God forces of socialism.

Faith in God kills

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