New York Gov. Cuomo’s Nursing Home Genocide

Have you heard how many women have come out of the woodwork to accuse Gov. Cuomo of molesting them? Where have they been all these years? Why now? Why not when he was running for governor to prevent him from taking high office? Why not when it happened? The answer is as obvious – to distract oblivious liberals from Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s genocide of New York’s elderly nursing home patients. Ever since committing this heinous evil, Democrats have been striving to divert attention from the truth – that they not only have death panels, but act on them!

So, who cares if Gov. Cuomo has a dozen women accusing him of molesting them? As if any Democrat ever goes down for immorality. There are Democrats in office to this day who were re-elected by their constituents regardless of how stupid they are, how immoral they are, or how evil they are. Democrats have gotten away with taking graft, doing drugs, stealing from taxpayers, raping women, running child pedophile rings, and even murder. Oblivious liberals have their heads too far up where the sun don’t shine to know anything that goes on with those they idolize.

Last spring, Gov. Cuomo began his campaign against elderly people who mostly vote Republican because they have learned through bitter experience the truth about Democrats being the party of lies, oppression, immorality, crime, and tyranny. This is the reason Democrats want 16-year-old to have the vote and be rid of the elderly. Cuomo found a way by using Covid infected patients and government orders to doctors not to treat the Covid flu with antibiotics and zinc therapy. Instead, they just waited till people’s lungs were so diseased that they filled with fluids and put them on ventilators until they died. This was the “science” behind last year’s damnation of President Trump who had tens of thousands more ventilators made than needed.

With the infection created by the Chicom’s bioweapons and spread with the help of Democrats, Gov. Cuomo launched the diabolical scheme of putting Covid infected patients into nursing homes with sickly old people rather than in quarantine. Cuomo had at his beck and call a Navy hospital ship and a volunteer field hospital set up in Central Park by Samaritan’s Purse that went unused! The tens of thousands of nursing home patients that died were concealed by official records that didn’t record those that died in hospitals. The conservative investigation into this has revealed that more than twice as many nursing home patients died from Covid that Cuomo infected in nursing homes than the state officially reported.

Democrats were so invested in covering up this crime, this evil, this genocide, that they had Cuomo publish a book in his name and doing television broadcasts of how great a governor he was at saving lives! They even gave him an Emmy for his great acting!!! This is the depths of Democrat depravity. What will happen to him for his crimes? Nothing. The media will distract fools with allegations of molesting women until this genocide is forgotten. Like the Armenia genocide by the Moslem Turks, or the Ukrainian genocide by the communist Russians, leftists believe that every evil they commit can be swept away with simple distractions. Charging a Democrat with violations of morality is like charging a dog for licking itself.

Morality laws? Phhhfffttt! Those are for Republicans who get caught with girlfriends and hookers on the side. They are not for Democrats doing their drugs and raping women and children. Ninety percent of the criminals in the USA are Democrats and now 90% of the tyrannical politicians in Amerika are Democrats. The reason Democrats made alcohol and sex illegal is to punish good people and steal from them. It’s how Democrats make money. People will always find ways to have sex and do drugs. Making morality laws against them has always been a leftist tactic by which to smear and crush Republicans both in the public and financially. Republicans can lose their careers for tapping their foot in a bathroom to be accused of making homosexual overtures, while Democrats can run pedophile brothels from their homes.

If you don’t believe in these truths, then you’re just a typical oblivious liberal who never has and never will learn a damn thing. All you have to do is learn about the lives and careers of people like Bill Clinton and his buddy Jeffrey Epstein, Ted Kennedy, and most all other Democrats to learn the truth of how heinous are the crimes with which they get away. But no. Democrats say Epstein was Trump’s buddy, and liberals swallow that load of manure hook, line, and sinker. A genocide by Cuomo is just another day at the office for Democrats. No doubt they will have idiot liberals believing that President Trump did it and that the Obama regime is innocent and pure. This is life in communist Amerika, and it will only get worse.

I’m sorry to burst your bubble if you believe in American justice. But this is a certainty. No Democrat will be removed from office for their crimes let alone go to prison. In four years, President Trump was unable to have a single Democrat investigated, let alone charged for their myriad of crimes against the nation. From spying on his campaign to stealing the election via ballot fraud, no Democrat has gone to prison while a dozen Republicans went to prison over the phony Russian collusion scam. Amerika is in the clutches of the evil left and righteousness will have no place here. The left is founded on selfishness, greed, and slavery. There is no justice on the left. There is only justification for their crimes against humanity.

[Author’s Note: Leftists rely on the oblivious nature of liberals. They are easily distracted, deceived and duped. The elderly are Democrat’s bane because most of us have learned through years of being shafted by Democrats the truth of their nature. Trusting Democrats is for fools just as those who don’t know that Obama is a Moslem communist subverting this nation to the greatest degree in its history. When you don’t know something about the people for whom you vote you fall for anything. Liberals have proven time and again that they are the stupid people who believe in fictions thinking they are scientists. How easy it is to sucker the simple-minded arrogant fool.]

World News Tonight does four times more coverage of Cruz’s Cancun trip than to Cuomo’s murder of nursing home residents

Lockdown was the greatest mistake in American history

THIS EXCERPT FROM A DEMOCRAT POLITICIAN EXEMPLIFIES HOW THEY JUSTIFY THEIR CRIMES! Democrat’s morals are so twisted that they extoll the virtues of criminals as the “needy poor” and curse citizens who refuse to “share their wealth.” This is what happens when the psychotic sociopath criminal is elected to high office. This is the sickness of the leftist mind that leads to their irrational hate, fear, and dysfunctional attitude resulting in derangement as they believe that stealing is a virtue and defending what you worked to provide for your family is the crime. It’s demented and insane, and these people are now ruling over us!


The Decline and Fall of America Mirroring Decline and Fall of California

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4 Responses to New York Gov. Cuomo’s Nursing Home Genocide

  1. allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

    I hate to break that bubble of just how the China Covid-19 epidemic became a pandemic but noth parties are responsible for that going back at least 30 to 35 years ago allowing the wicked wealthy of this nation to employ slave labor in China.

    It is a fact that no more than 2 months after the 1st cases of Covid-19 infections were diagnosed among the U.S. populace the wealthy U.S. citizens were back negotiating with the Chinese government to restart operations as ASAP.

    I could give a damn less but if it had been up to me as soon as I had heard that their was a deadly epidemic in China I would have bombarded the entire nation with Nuclear weapons and then shut down all International travel allowing no United States citizens who had been vacationing in the far east or the eastern Mediterranean back into the United States.


    • dustyk103 says:

      I would say that’s a bit extreme but that would be a vast understatement. That this pandemic has been blown way out of proportion to the reality of this Coronavirus is equally absurd. This is a flu virus that, if treated like any flu with antibiotics, zinc, and effective drugs like Hydroxychloroquine, rather than the fear-mongering by Democrats, no shutdown would have been necessary and hundreds of thousands of people would not have died. This was not an epidemic of a disease. It was an epidemic of Democrat greed enacting a coup. President Trump got rolled. After three years of being the Road Runner causing Democrat’s machinations to blow up in their faces again and again like Wile E. Coyote, it is hard to accept that he was taken and snookered out of the presidency by Democrat’s propaganda machine.


  2. gbat2017 says:

    Psychology, fear and propaganda promoted by the complicit media and Tech companies has been successful. Openly prohibiting free speech, ‘burning’ books, teaching revisionist history and causing worldwide panic over a virus for a year has been effective. Accepting an obvious rigged election and sanctioned by the Supreme Court while congress is passing more gun restrictions and locking down the entire capitol complex tells me that the people haven’t woken up yet from their illusion that everything is still fine in the USA. Democrat’s get away with genocide and forbidding president Trump from any public platform while the “QANON SHAMAN” is languishing in prison for non-violent protesting. Republican’s are rubber stamping all of puppet Joe’s American loathing appointees. Accept or reject are the only choices left for us. The military is on stand down until they are psychoanalyzed for their loyalty to Democrat socialist ideology.

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