Millennials Suffer from Skywalker Syndrome

Trump brings world peace, Democrats curse him for unemployed soldiers

Yes, the people who curse soldiers as baby killing racist murderers would suddenly take up their banner if Trump made war obsolete by bringing about world peace.  It doesn’t matter what President Trump does, how great are his achievements.  Had Obama done what Trump is doing they would hail him as a god!  He actually helped Iran to nuke up while promising Russia to disarm the USA.  Regardless of the truth, liberals will always portray Trump as a fool and the Son of Satan.  As he proves that everything Democrats, RINOs, and NeverTrumpers all said was impossible to be possible the forces of darkness are becoming so unglued, so totally unhinged, and so incensed with rage that they are cursing Trump for all the good he is doing for America and the world.  The man who became a billionaire through his Art of the Deal is running rings around the Washington establishment and their sycophantic media propagandists.  Only the most closed-minded, delusional liberal can believe what the leftist media says when they declare Trump is destroying all life as the Earth blooms with the promise of mankind’s best future.

Similarly, you could see these headlines;

Trump cures cancer, liberals curse him for medical researchers out of a job.

As if there is no other medical illness they could research.

You’ve already seen this headline;

Trump creates economic boom, liberal Democrats curse him and give credit to Obama.

And you’ve certainly seen this headline;

Enraged Democrats say Comey should be fired.  Trump fires Comey.  Democrats curse Trump for terminating a righteous man.

Indeed, the same people who cursed Comey as a turncoat traitor because he exposed Hillary’s crimes, even though he exonerated her, and blamed him for her defeat, instantly turned to embrace him as righteous and above reproach when Trump fired him.  Their delusions that Hillary had already won by an epic landslide, and that Trump stole the election because Russians changed the vote, are only a part of their psychopathy.  Liberals have become so psychotic that they see support for Trump as cultish, but their blind adoration of Obama’s subversion of America as patriotic.  If Trump walked on water they would say, “Trump can’t swim,” and slander both him and Jesus in the same breath.  There is only one way to describe liberal leftist mentality – TWO-FACED!

The Left’s Dizzying 180 on Denuclearization

The Delusional World of Liberalism

Leftists are inherently immoral, and liberals are inherently immature.  The most egregious liberal lie is that they are for peace and prosperity.  There will never be peace on earth so long as half the people alive hate Jesus.  There will never be prosperity so long as leftist socialists steal the wealth for themselves.  Liberal Democrats hate righteousness so much, have such blackness in their hearts, live within such darkness in their minds, that they cannot tell the difference between right and wrong.  They stand on stage and call for the assassination of President Trump and the murder of Republicans yet call themselves righteous.  They say Trump praises Nazis as good people and that Republicans endorse police as the KKK when Democrats created and own them.  They say they are fighting fascism as they unleash fascists in the streets to riot and attack conservatives.

The delusion of liberals who believe these to be true is proof of my words.  Leftist liberal Democrats created and embraced the KKK, the communists, the fascists, the Imperialists, the Nazis, and the Islamists.  They can deny this truth with straight faces because all the worst leftists are pathological liars and their liberal followers are fundamentally ignorant.  But there is no denying the proof of history if you read the words of leftist liberal Democrats throughout the 1930s, 40s, 50s, and 60s, and especially today as they embrace their totalitarian dictatorial ideologies.  You would think that in the Information Age ignorance would not be so inescapable.

But technology imparts neither knowledge nor wisdom.  People are as dumb today as they were two millennia ago.  The people who praised Obama for managing America’s decline, and curse Trump today for every good deed he does, are the same kinds of people who called for the release of the criminal terrorist Barabbas as they cursed Christ on the Cross.  The people who attempt to portray Donald Trump as Osama bin Laden are the same people who call Obama their messiah even after he empowered the Muslim Brotherhood to renew the Jihad.  The evil of Muhammadism is as lost on these people just as is the evil of socialism as they embrace both atheism and Sharia law in their desire for allies to aid them in casting down Christian America.

Skywalker Syndrome – the curse of liberalism

In the movie, “Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith,” the forces of darkness corrupted Anakin Skywalker to the point that he could not tell the difference between the good Jedi Knights and the evil Sith, between the Republic and the Empire.  In his mind they became reversed even though he grew up and been educated by the Jedi.  The Sith Lord, Darth Sidious, posing as the mild-mannered, compassionate Senator Palpatine, twisted his thinking until he couldn’t tell that murdering the Jedi Padawan children was an act of pure evil.  It wasn’t until his own son came to his rescue that he realized the error of his ways.  This is what has been happening to young Millennials as leftist Democrats corrupt and warp their thinking to believe that liberal Democrat’s “progressive” policies are for the good of the people and that Republicans represent the worst evils.

They have been convinced that atheist hedonism is enlightened while believing that faith in Christ and God is fantasy.  This is exacerbated by leftist propaganda on the Internet.  If you Google Republicans the first ideology on the list of their beliefs is “Nazism.”  This was injected into Google’s search engine by Millennial liberal fascists who believe they are fighting fascism much as Anakin Skywalker joined the evil Sith believing he was fighting evil.  Democrats have taken over America’s institutions of education to indoctrinate rather than educate America’s youth, and this is the kind of twisted thinking that comes of it.

How I Know Who is Lying; Trump or Democrats

Liberals Pray for Blue Wave to Destroy America

There is a difference between a leftist and a liberal.  Leftists are the Sith who deliberately deceive and corrupt, while liberals are merely the fools they dupe.  The difference between the righteous and conservatives is that the righteous instinctively understand good and evil, while conservatives are former liberals who were taught to understand that what they believed when they were young and ignorant was wrong.  You can bet that most of the NeverTrumpers are the latter type of conservative who, like Anakin, have fallen backwards into self-righteous, hypocritical ignorance, which is why they don’t recognize the righteousness in Trump.  There are also the faux conservatives who, like Senator Palpatine, merely pretend to be conservative to ingratiate themselves in their ranks with the purpose of taking advantage of their position to corrupt from within.

The New Follywood – Reverse McCarthyism = Fascism

Political evil strikes by various methods that all boil down to deception.  They deceive to lead some astray.  They deceive to smear the innocent.  They deceive to slander the righteous.  They deceive to obscure the truth.  All of this is evident in how they treat President Trump who is righteously fulfilling his campaign promises and making America great again.  They deceive saying capitalism is destructive and socialism is fair economics.  They deceive saying Trump used Russian aid to steal the election.  They deceive saying Trump’s tax cuts will cause America to go broke and that he will get America into a war.  They deceive by saying Hillary and Obama are innocent of crimes against America.  They say Christianity is bigotry and hate, but that Islam is peace and love as jihadis rape and murder their way across Europe as they infiltrate America.

The only reason the Russian investigation is being conducted is because there are enough RINOs to side with Democrats to impeach Trump.  So, they thought a witch hunt violating his 4th Amendment rights could dig up dirt by which to get rid of him, but they are finding a man who is so righteous in his life that he actually is above reproach.  Because of this they curse him for being vulgar as they spew profanities at him and his supporters.  The people who today curse Christ telling Christians they are embracing immorality is a galactic joke.  How laughable when atheists tell Christians what Jesus would do!

Now the establishment is trying to primary Trump supporting Republicans like Devin Nunes who has been exposing the lies of the Mueller investigation and Obama’s Spygate, while Paul Ryan is arguing in favor of amnesty for illegals.  This is why a Republican Supermajority that can defeat filibusters, or override vetoes, is not viable until the leftists within the Republican Party can be supplanted by conservatives.  Republicans need to defeat Democrats, to make their destructive, anti-American policies a thing of the past.  But to do so they must weed out the Republicans who ally with Democrats in their efforts to get a share of filling their own pockets.  Democrats would purge Republicans by force if not for armed American patriots.  Republicans must purge the government of leftist liberal Democrats and their RINO allies, but that requires educating the masses to overcome the indoctrination of leftist corruption that has encompassed the nation.  The greatness of Trump is founded in the fact that he fights for what is right regardless of his opposition and the complaints of the liberal PC police.

There can never be Utopia because there are too many dishonest people in the world, and even if you eliminated dishonesty in all living people there is always the next generation that will breed people who are righteous and others who are greedy.  They are the barbarians at the gate that need to be educated to embrace civilization.  Yet there will always be those who find it easier to be takers rather than makers, who find it is easier to deceive to get what they want rather than tell the truth.  The righteous fight the criminals whose greed incites them to steal and whose ego incites them to lie.  The leftists fight the innocent who would stand up for liberty and truth because they represent the gravest threat to their lies.  It’s easy to see how Anakin Skywalker was confused and how Millennials have been duped to believe that a socialist Moslem worked to make America great by managing her decline, but do not trust a Christian capitalist who is working to make America great by fending off her enemies and making trade fair.  Their hearts and souls have been corrupted, warped, and twisted by the lies they fail to see through.

Intelligent People Rely on FACTS

Shades of Sharia – Democrat Socialists Embrace Islamic Evil

Liberal Fascism – Histrionics for the Ignorant and Gullible

Liberal Fascists Blame Trump for Racism

Leftist liberal Democrats will never give credit to Republicans who have produced the seven greatest presidents in American history that shaped this great nation that they see, not as the solution to the world’s ills, but the cause of them.

  • George Washington liberated America from tyranny
  • Thomas Jefferson established American law
  • Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves
  • Theodore Roosevelt empowered America in the world
  • Dwight Eisenhower fought the forces of the Left to crush the Nazis and keep Communists from conquering more
  • Ronald Reagan defeated the Communist Soviet Empire bringing down the Iron Curtain to free Eastern Europe
  • And now Donald Trump is re-establishing America as the greatest of nations leading the world in peace and prosperity

In contrast, Democrats fought for the president to be a king, for slavery to be enshrined in law, waged a civil war to keep their slaves, embraced socialism, instituted high taxes to steal the wealth others worked for, duped the ignorant, indoctrinated the young in schools, work to eliminate Christianity while empowering Islam, and promoted all leftist ideologies under socialism while blaming the righteous for the ills they created for themselves.  As they actively, publicly root for America to fall so that Trump fails they prove their contempt for America.  Their lie that Rush Limbaugh, in hoping that Obama failed, wanted America to fall when it was just the opposite is also proven.  Rush didn’t pray for the economy to crash or for jihadis to kill Americans so that Obama would fail as liberals like Bill Maher pray for the economy to crash and for the Norks to nuke the United States, so Trump would fail.  Rush hoped Obama would fail to diminish America and empower Islam, but Obama succeeded.  Now leftists are angry that Trump is succeeding in undoing the damage that Obama did!

Now that Trump is reversing what leftist liberal Democrats have wrought they are not just lamenting it, but actively rioting in the streets to stop it!  They want a king to rule over the masses, a dictator to tyrannize America because liberalism is born of ignorance and bred on immorality, and they will use any deceit to promote their self-destructive philosophy.  Liberals believe they are without sin.  They’re the kind of people who will start a fight and then blame you for hitting back.  Leftists wallow so deeply in sin that they cannot see the light.  When you live in such darkness is it any wonder they seeing nothing but corruption and depravity in goodness?

“One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.”

That’s a leftist’s saying that is not true.  Terrorists are terrorists to good men.  Freedom fighters are terrorists to bad men.  There is no dichotomy, no correlation of opposites.  There is only the lens by which one perceives morality.  Evil people perceive good to be evil because it works against their evil.  That is the reality of those who call themselves leftist liberal Democrat progressives in today’s America.  They all see the good in Trump as Anakin Skywalker would, and would just as quickly betray him to Obama as Anakin did Mace Windu to Darth Sidious.  Shades of Judas Iscariot!

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