Democrat coup attempt continues as GOP lies down


I talked to a Russian.  According to Democrats, who love Communists, when a Republican does so that is a crime punishable by death!  The two faces of Washington politicians are both ugly.  On the one side, liberal fascists convict Republicans of a capital crime based only on their allegations.  On the flip side, no one who voted for Trump did so with the expectation of having the Establishment Republicans promote the Democrat agenda.

Liberal fascists want the Trump’s executed for treason because they talked to Russians.  Perhaps we should revisit Hillary talking to Russians and Obama making deals with Iranians?  If ever there was a case for treason those two hold the trophy.  Hillary got paid more from Russians than the Trumps have ever made doing business with them, and she had nothing to offer except political capital in Washington.  After their Russian collusion fraud blew up in their faces the release of Donald Trump, Jr.’s emails that he spoke to a Russian woman has reignited the liberal insanity.  The question here is not if this is a smoking gun of collusion that it obviously is not.  The question is why are the Trump’s deliberately poking the bee hive?

The unnamed sources of Democrat media are nothing more than a façade for their own hateful personal opinions that they present as leaks and allegations.  The Left has already convicted Trump and sentenced him to execution based on accusations, assumptions, and innuendo.  This is how the Left always operates in all socialist dictatorships – you are guilty until proven innocent, and you don’t get to prove you’re innocent because they execute you immediately.  This is why in American courts, founded by righteous Christian conservatives, you are innocent until proven guilty.  This is why we have a 4th Amendment to protect us from government persecution, which Special Prosecutor Mueller is already violating in his crusade to convict the Trumps.  With Democrat operatives leaking from inside Trump’s White House like a sieve, and the media demanding Trump’s tax returns so they can go after his business partners, when Mueller leaks Trump’s financials he should to prison.  It wasn’t a crime for AG Lynch to meet with Clinton while Hillary was being investigated, but it was a violation for her to continue to head that investigation and have Comey close it by saying she should not be prosecuted.  They convicted Gen. Petraeus of far less!  But Mueller leaking in violation of the 4th Amendment, civil rights, and National Security is a crime of which he can be convicted!  Furthermore, when is the FBI going to investigate Obama’s spying on the Trump campaign?  He’s ten times worse than Nixon but still collecting a presidential pension.  Corrupt Democrats are committing crimes left and right with no one in the GOP going after them.

Tucker eCarlson takes on leftist’s “smoking gun”

How much does this action by Trump stirring up the bee hive have to do with Republicans?  Those who refuse to stand up for President Trump against leftist lies, stand with the president to defeat the Democrat anti-American agenda, push forward his pro-American agenda, and clean out the swamp of corruption in the Washington Establishment are a part of the problem.  We didn’t elect Donald Trump so that Republicans would join with Democrats to push forward with the leftist agenda.  I will not support Republicans who do not stand with Trump and vote to promote the conservative agenda to defeat Democrat socialist liberal fascism.  Most people make the mistake of electing Democrats as the alternative to the Republicans they don’t like.  That’s jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.  If you don’t like your Republican then get into the primaries and elect better Republicans.  But when Election Day comes you know the Democrats will be worse.  So even if you don’t like your Republican vote for them anyway and work on getting a better one next time.  The way to overcome voting for the lesser of two evils is not voting for the worse of two evils, but by nominating better leaders who don’t want to cross the aisle and hold hands with the greater of the two evils.  People can be friends who have different opinions.  But politicians cannot be friends when they work against each other as enemies.

The Psychology of the Left

Dana Loesch exposes leftist ideology in all its hateful hypocrisy in one minute:

The Left vs. the NRA

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