Democrat language of deception 

HIllary's America 3

Democrats never campaign as the radical leftists that they are, but as conservatives who are pure and corruption free.

Democrats say America is great.  Oh, wait, no they don’t believe this!  They’re a bunch of radical leftist who hate this country.  But when it comes campaign time they have to act like conservatives.  If they actually said what they believe 80% of the country would recoil in horror.  Instead, Obama uses code phrases like;

  • “That’s not who we are.”
  • “Commonsense gun laws.”
  • “America has racist elements.”

Rush Limbaugh correctly assessed how Democrat deception works when they speak of any of their radical ideology as “common sense” or “the new normal.”  Democrats tell their voters to only pay attention to their intentions, never to the results which are always catastrophic.  And once they break the system then they expect the people to turn to them and ask them to fix it, and their fix is always to make things worse while giving themselves more power.

Rush Limbaugh 7/26/16 assessment of the Democrat Convention

Michelle Obama only thinks America is great today because her black Moslem husband was elected president.  But if you listen to everyone else speaking at the Democrat Convention not one of them speaks of this nation as being anything other than horrible.  They believe Americans are terrible people and this country is in terrible shape.  They is oppressed.

Democrats deliberately destroy everything they touch.  College, which was once the steppingstone to better employment, is now an albatross around the necks of students with its crushing debt.  Democrats have made it so expensive to go to college that no one can afford it, but their solution is to say that students need government to pay for their college, and the Democrats promise to pay for it by stealing from the taxpayer.  They’re doing the same thing to healthcare because everybody has a right not to be sick.  They’re doing the same thing to energy because we have to “save the planet” from evil Republicans and capitalists who are killing it!  They do it to everything – break the system so that they can rebuild it in their own image with themselves in charge and banking all the bucks.

That Obama is a Moslem who would work to promote Islam to the detriment of America has been known from the start!  It’s no different than Al Capone who was known as a criminal from the start.  But he never confessed to being a criminal any more than Barack Obama would ever confess to being a Moslem, but the left says, “We must believe what he says.”  What a joke!

Since losing the 2000 election, Rush points out, Democrats have become increasingly hostile, radical, and deceptive.  If seeing “Hillary’s America” does not open your eyes to the truth behind the Democrat Party, nothing can.  Don’t expect a lot of Democrats to go to this movie because ignorance is bliss and their eyes.  So long as Democrats promise to be their mommy and daddy and take care of them they can remain ignorant, savage, barbarian children.

There are 3 factions in the DNC – Deceivers, Numbskulls, and Communists

Doom and gloom – understanding fear mongering

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3 Responses to Democrat language of deception 

  1. radman414 says:

    Do ya’ll know any administration that resembles these remarks

    “No matter how noble the objectives of a government… if it blurs decency and kindness, cheapens human life, and breeds ill will and suspicion — it is an evil government. — Eric Hoffer, The Passionate State of Mind (1954)

    “A government big enough to give you all you want is big enough to take it all away.” — Barry Goldwater – Oct. 21, 1964.

    “Every time the government attempts to handle our affairs, it costs more and the results are worse than if we had handled them ourselves.” — Benjamin Constant, Cours de politique constitutionnelle (1818-20)


    • JA Haskins says:

      “Michelle Obama only thinks America is great today because her black Moslem husband was elected president.”

      I was stunned to hear Michelle Antoinette praising this country’s greatness to high heaven, when in 2008 she stated that “for the first time in my adult life, I’m proud of this country.” Apparently she’s as blind as the rest of the Dems who think that her golf-cart-in-chief husband has made America this utopian paradise that the other Dems have been brainwashed into believing, even as cops are being targeted for murder and many are terrified that their next door neighbor is cooking up some kind of bomb to set off in a crowd.


      • radman414 says:

        You’re correct, JA. The Dems depend on the ability to deceive their “Gruberized ” voter base. They make impassioned speeches with promises that they never intend to follow through on; and when they fail to fulfill promises that they knew would never “fly, they blame the “evil” Republicans (rich, white, entitled “strawmen”) for thwarting their glorious plans for utopia. And unfortunately, it works too often!


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