Self-righteous Cruzers – doing evil in the name of good

Saintly Ted Cruz

If Americans won’t choose what is best then they need to suffer more until they do.  This is the attitude of some on the right who are upset that the most conservative candidate was again not chosen.  This is the attitude that is leading America to her doom.

After making great strides forward through President Reagan and Speaker Gingrich, conservatism has been going backwards.  The last two presidential elections have been one step forward, two steps back for conservatism with the only gains being made in the midterms.  Now we are preparing to do it again this presidential year because some conservatives believe that if they can’t have the Republican they want for president then no one can.

Some Cruzers say they want to move America forward but, when Ted Cruz failed and more people chose Trump, instead of taking one step forward by selecting the lesser of two evils, they take two steps back by allowing the greater evil to advance.  By not keeping Democrats from advancing the leftist agenda that is corrupting America they are not helping to restore her but helping to destroy her.  Conservatives have failed the past eight years to get a candidate who will win; in 2008 they lost to McCain, in 2012 it was Romney, and now in 2016 it’s Trump.

It’s about time we all face the truth; conservatism has become a minority in this country and by allowing the greater of two evils to advance their agenda you are reducing our numbers even more.

So here are the questions for you; Jesus is foretold to return in the 2nd Coming when the world’s wickedness is at its pinnacle.  If you choose to allow the wicked to prosper and let the world become more corrupt are you doing right and assisting the return of Christ or are you doing evil?  How does contributing to the evil in the world make you a righteous person?  Because God can bring good from evil does that mean your act to enable greater evil is good?  (Here’s a clue for you; jihadis believe that they are assisting in the return of the 12th Imam who will subjugate Christ by waging holy war on the world.)

Choosing the greater good or the lesser of two evils

You have a choice between choosing evil or choosing the lesser of two evils or choosing not to choose.  The first option is wickedness, the second is for righteousness, and the third is the choice of the self-righteous hypocrite.  Before I explain this let me first preface with two facts; one, we all start out as ignorant liberals, and two, no candidate is without flaws and all are smeared by mud-slinging propaganda so badly that none come through a campaign shining.

In learning morality to become righteous human beings we all go through the phase of self-righteous hypocrisy – of believing we have become better than others.  Understanding what is morally right is what moves a person from left to right and changes them from a liberal to a moderate.  Maturing beyond that is what changes a person from a moderate to a conservative.

Believing that just because you recognize righteousness means that you represent righteousness is the trap into which many fall.  That’s no different than believing that because you can speak words that you are an intelligent being like Jar Jar Binks.  There is a world of difference between being able to use words, forming coherent sentences, and creating a dissertation.

You may think that refusing to choose the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil, but you do so because you think you don’t have the choice of choosing the greater good.  Focusing on the negative is backwards liberal thinking which you should strive to overcome.  That’s like today’s foolishness of “negative polling” that says more people choose someone else if no one gets fifty percent of the vote.  When there are more than two choices then that’s going to be the norm and is part of the weeding out process, not a part of the final result.

By the end of a political campaign there is no candidate who has not been smeared by mud-slinging, negative campaigning, character assassination, or vicious propaganda.  Because most people more easily focus on the negative, on the ‘glass is half empty,’ and pay more attention to what is bad, then no one comes out on the other side looking shiny and new.  All you can do when the race is over is take the winner of your team and support them against the winner of the opposing team because, in the final analysis, your goal should be for your side to win!

The fact is that we are all only human, so you don’t have a choice of choosing a person who is not evil to some degree.  You only have a choice of choosing between lesser or greater evils because “all are sinners in the eyes of the Lord.”  When you believe you are above that is when you become a self-righteous hypocrite and fall back into wickedness.

God is able to bring evil from good, but you are not God!  If you do evil, even though God can bring good from it does not make you a practitioner of good.  Christ calls on us to live righteously as a light to the world.  Assisting the darkness is not doing that.

Trump or Hillary or neither – silence is consent

Some see Trump and Hillary as the same, or see Trump as slightly less evil than Hillary, and they believe Ted Cruz to be the righteous one.  They say they will not choose between Trump and Hillary as that is still choosing evil, and they say that it is your fault for not choosing the most righteous candidate.  What makes you think that Ted Cruz is more righteous, the one without sin, when he so quickly and easily sidled up to the endorsements of the GOP both he and Trump say they want to stop from abusing taxpayers?

Both Trump and Cruz ran against the GOP elites who have been taking sides with Democrats so much so that some are now saying they will either vote for Hillary or form their own third party or not vote.  Why are you taking sides with them?  The choice now in this election is to try to turn America back to the light through Trump, or continue to aid the darkness by supporting Hillary one way or another.  America is not going to turn back to the light so long as you permit the darkness to prevail and it’s not going to happen in a day.

There will never come a day so dark that the light will suddenly go on in the collective heads of a nation of fools.  The idea that if you go too far to the right you end up on the left is a fallacy because the opposite is not true.  When you go too far to the left the lights don’t come on, they go out.  We are not trying to go into the darkness, we are trying to go through it.  Without everyone striving to bring America back to the light then the greatest nation in history is going to fall.

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review – Principled Conservatism

Rush puts it all in perspective

[Author’s Note: Here’s the biggest clue that proves that die hard Cruzers and #NeverTrump voters are going wrong; they are turning away from FOX News, which is being condemned by both the Trump and Cruz camps, and turning to CNN as if that network has ever supported conservative values.  When you don’t like your Republicans then elect better Republicans.  Turning to Democrats isn’t improving the nation, it’s going from bad to worse.  And, if you can’t convince people to elect the best Republican, make a better effort to help them see the light because plunging them into darkness doesn’t make anyone a better person.

The fact is I don’t like any of the candidates because all have serious flaws.  Trump is an atrocious campaigner, but those who work with him love him and he gets results.  Cruz is an awesome conservative intellectual, but he’s too self-righteous and can’t bring people to his side.  Neither is a Ronald Reagan, but as I’ve pointed out even Ronaldus Magnus had his flaws and made serious mistakes.  Trump wasn’t my first choice either, but he was still ahead of most of the pack when he jumped in and put America and the people first!

Hillary, like Obama, is another Democrat beast!  Democrats advance the causes of the worst people in the world; socialists, Islamists, illegal immigrants, and BLM criminals.  They say they want to improve the world, but all the people they represent are thieves who want to steal from others because they’ve convinced themselves that people who live responsibly have somehow stolen from them.

Anyone who stands against Democrats to any degree is on my side.  Although none of them would be as good a president as I would be, I will still stand with them because I know that the worst Republicans are still better than the best Democrats.  Unless you actually want to see Democrats rule and ruin this great nation, you might want to consider taking a stand rather than sitting it out.  If you want to believe that Trump is a Democrat then accept that your glass is not only half empty, but admit that you have a loser’s attitude and pour it out and cry.]

Trump 30 years

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15 Responses to Self-righteous Cruzers – doing evil in the name of good

  1. Kiowah says:

    Great piece, Dusty.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. EIleen says:

    Nice article. I certainly agree that Trump is far from ideal – he is verbally abusive, for one. What finally brought me into his camp is that he is far more free market oriented than anyone else in the political spectrum and he has used it to accumulate wealth. Purists will argue that he can’t be if he believes in eminent domain, but I challenge any successful real estate developer who can claim they NEVER used eminent domain to do things like build a parking lot or an access road to a big project.

    Should the economy improve while Trump is in office (no I don’t believe he has any control over this despite what he says), I expect him to embrace further economic liberty than Clinton, who will steal it through more abusive taxes.


    • dustyk103 says:

      You’re right – president’s don’t control the economy, but Congress does with their taxes, subsidies, and regulations. So long as Democrats are in power expect taxes to be confiscated to make them richer and us poorer, and regulations to keep businesses that support America or Republicans down while subsidizing the businesses of their friends.


  3. Carl says:

    The total decimation of the Military is a National disgrace and Is going to cost billions to rebuild. I believe the right tax policy can revive the economy and when the GDP gets out of the empty glass mode the revenue to rebuild will be there. Taking away something that the entitled class has come to expect ( FREE EVERYTHING) is going to be a tough hill to climb, but it’s a hill that must be conquered. Health Care has always been excellent in this country and I am about to feel the brunt of Obama’s disaster. My wife for heath reasons had to quit her job and her Cobra coverage will run out on her B’day and her premium will go from $385 month to over $950 Month. My SS check cannot cover that and keep food on the table. I have lived my entire 78 years stating that I don’t expect my Government to DO ANYTHING FOR ME, but by the same token I don’t want my Government to do anything TO me. I hope the Vet. can care for my wife as well as he has cared for my various animals over the years.
    Great article BTW.


  4. Chris L says:

    So, we are to reward Trump for lying and using disgraceful tactics?


    • dustyk103 says:

      Did someone tell you that political infighting is fair and clean and nice? The saying “Nice guys finish last” comes from political campaigns. This is a war between right and wrong and sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. It’s not about rewarding bad behavior. It’s about defeating bad people.


    • Sara says:

      Right, let’s instead, thru INACTION, reward Hillary who has lied, cheated, stole, slandered, bribed & thru gross dereliction of duty and negligence, caused the death of 4 Americans in Benghazi, then lied to their family’s to their faces. This woman is up to her eyeballs in an FBI investigation, has been involved in numerous scandals, the LEAST of which were financial in nature. It’s not about rewarding Trump so much as it’s about saving our country from the brink of ruin. Hillary has taken so many bribes from Mideast Nations that she has effectively sold herself to the highest bidder.


      • Paul Wade says:

        How did the Clintons become multimillionaires after Billy Boy left the office? Why is she being paid millions for a stupid speech today?

        Politics isn’t for the people, it’s for yourself if you are in it.


        • dustyk103 says:

          Not all politicians are corrupt. Politics is like greed. Money doesn’t make people greedy, love of money does and that’s how we get most Democrats and some Republicans.


  5. rosech says:

    What is even sadder is that the Cruzbots do not want to follow the Constitution and founding documents of 1789 which states clearly that ONLY A NATIVE BORN SON OF A NATIVE BORN FATHER (not mother) can be a candidate for president or VP! Cruz spouts the Constitution so we can assume he knew this but as a puppet and patsy of the establishment he lied like a carpet on the floor! Neither he nor Rubio are anything but naturalized citizens, PERIOD. Cruz’s actual birth and his mother’s becoming a legal Canadian citizen was purposely overlooked or blocked. In any case, neither C nor R are of the caliber to beat the DNC candidates, have no ability beyond being politicians and more of the same old, same old which boils down to we elected supposed conservatives and then they immediately betray their oaths, promises, us and America. We need Trump who speaks straightforward in OUR language and expresses our thoughts, desires and feelings, and has all the abilities, skills, intelligence and background to truly get OUR America back. Anyone else who does not vote for him for stupid reasons are not conservatives nor patriotic Americans and not wanting to support the nominee that has been chosen, and place our country in an even more dire condition falling into the One World Government (remember Heidi and one can supposed Ted) continues to build along with the New World Order and then no more America, no more elections, not more of anything except living as slaves to the elitists in a Middle Ages lifestyle! Check out Publius Huldah, a REAL Constitution expert, and this:
    and If you don’t wake up today, you won’t like waking up in 2017!


  6. Neil says:

    It took a long time to figure out what you meant by picking the lesser of two evils because I was not sure who you thought was the lesser, Donald or Hillary. You finally made clear that you think that Donald is at least slightly less evil than Hillary. I am not so sure. I am still trying to decide which of them is worse.
    Donald has been a Democrat for most of his life. He briefly joined the reform party and supported tariffs back then. He still supports tariffs which is not a good thing. Tariffs is one area where Trump is worse than Clinton. Another is libel laws. Trump indicated that he wants the power to sue newspapers that print negative things about him. Score another for Hillary. Trump says he wants to build a wall, but also wants the illegals to be first in line to come back to the US after touching back on their home soil. His positions change on things so frequently, it is hard to know where he really stands on anything. At least with Hillary, you know where she stands on most thing and can fight her on them.
    Since I live in a solid red state, I plan to vote for a third party candidate. If Austin Petersen gets the Libertarian nomination, he will probably get my vote. If Johnson or McAfee get the nomination, I am not sure who I will vote for.


    • Carl says:

      I am sorry you want to abdicate to throwing your vote to the Progressive side of the ticket. A third party vote in 2016 is a waste, in 1910 it might have been useful as a protest , but even the PAID demonstrations by Soro’s and affiliates is only showing the depths of depravity our Nation has fallen.
      My take is Trump is a certified Bomb Thrower akin to Patrick Henry and a few others that would settle for nothing less than LIBERTY or DEATH. I just celebrated my 78th B’day and along with my 90 year old WWII Veteran and we will vote and HOPE that the Bomb Thrower can at least achieve total Destruction of the Progressive Movement that has been such a Roaring Success in Venezuela, Cuba and Europe. Pipe Dream? Probably , but no less so than voting for someone who has ZERO chance of even siphoning enough votes to make 0.1% difference in contributing to the Survival of our Republic or the loss of the Supreme Court, Which BTY is a Hell of a lot more important than who gets to ride around in AF1. ( Trumps Plane makes AF1 look like a Tinker Toy)



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