America’s children have become stupid and Christians are to blame


American Christians have failed to instill morality and knowledge in their children’s hearts and they are paying the price.  The Age of Technology has led to the Age of Ignorance among America’s young.  While they are lost in their tech, those who would rule over them and make them slaves are not seizing power, but manipulating them into surrendering their liberty.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” –Edmund Burke

Christians, when the majority of young American’s choose a Moslem like Obama and a socialist like Sanders to lead America, we have failed our children.  America was founded on Christian principles and today those principles are being demonized by the Left as the moldy ideals of Bronze Age gods.  They think because they live in the Age of Technology that we built, that they know more than we do.

With the advent of electronic media, liberals have dominated the airwaves until recently thanks to great men like Ronald Reagan and Rush Limbaugh.  Once the Silent Majority that liberals wanted to keep quiet found our voice, we have been allowing liberal political correctness to silence us in the name of “fairness.”  Nothing about the teachings of Jesus is fair to everyone and God does not give a free pass or get out of jail free card to the evil of those who reject Christ.

America’s children are becoming stuck in their adolescence to remain liberal boobs their entire lives like Chris Matthews and Stephen Colbert.  They think they are witty, but they are just witless fools, dupes of deceivers, and believe mockery to be a sign of intelligence.  They think old people are old-fashioned and that old sayings are obsolete rather than the wisdom of the ages.

They have not learned the truth about socialism.  They don’t understand that socialism is not the Utopia they’ve been taught where everyone prospers and shares equally.  They don’t understand that socialism is totalitarianism wherein the ruling elite lord it over the peasants and the only thing they share equally is misery.  They don’t understand that socialism is the mother of Fascism, Communism, Nazism, and Islamism where they either obey their rulers or die.

Liberalism is about keeping people dumb and teaching them to steal.

Children are being taught by people like Barack Hussein Obama that rich people steal from poor people, that their wealth has been taken from them by the greedy.  What they are being taught is to be envious of those who succeed and greedy for what those others have attained and that they should enlist people in government who would steal it back for them.  What they are actually learning is what the Ten Commandments taught is wrong and they are coming to believe that greed, envy, and stealing are right.

There are two ways to make money; you either provide a service for which people will pay you or you steal it.  Bill Gates did not become the richest billionaire in the world by stealing.  He provided a service that made the lives of millions of people better and they paid him for it.

But this is not how liberals see it and they damn him as a thief unless he volunteers to give back the wealth he has acquired to the people.  Who among you, if you began your own business, would not think you should pay yourself whatever you want from your business?  If you provide a valuable service to others, why should you not profit from it?  Only a liberal thinks that the man who spends his life getting educated, building a business by working sixty plus hours a week should make no more pay than the unskilled, uneducated, uninspired man who sweeps the floors a few hours a day and is too lazy to make his life better.

By hook or by crook.

This is one of those “old sayings” that foolish young people scorn because they do not understand what it means.  What it means is that those who want to make you do what they want that will benefit them at your expense they will use one of two means; by hook is fooling you into doing their bidding such as the Clinton Foundation that is supposed to help charities but only helps the Clinton’s political campaigns, or Al Gore’s Carbon Credits that supposed to save the planet but only fills his pockets with cash, or by crook which is Bernie Sanders announcing he will raise the tax rates to take 90% of what rich people make as Income Tax.

Try running your own company and see how you feel when the government takes 90% of what you pay yourself.  How would you feel?  You think you should share your wealth with others?  Charity begins at home, but it’s not charity when the government takes it from you.

Then there is Obama’s world of what we who understand have come to call Obamaville.  Obama’s word is that of a pathological liar.  For example, he would get in front of the cameras and say he was for “an all of the above approach” to energy.  But then he spent his time as president shutting down oil drilling and coal mines while taking money made from them and giving them to solar companies and wind companies that failed.

The same is true of ObamaCare that he said is supposed to give health insurance to the poor.  What it actually does is drive up the costs of insurance until it becomes untenable to the consumer who then foolishly turns to the same government to ask for a solution.  Their solution is to make the government the insurance company and take your money to dole out as they see fit.  Don’t be surprised if you don’t get enough to cover your medical expenses because you don’t do enough to serve them.

The same goes for gun control.  Why do you think crime has gone so out of control that people now want to arm themselves and the government is blaming citizens with guns as the problem?  Why do you think Obama wants to bring millions of Moslems to America when they keep chanting “Death to America” and launch jihadi terror attacks shooting and bombing unarmed, innocent people?  If they can convince you that guns, not criminals and terrorists and their own failure to not only protect you from them, but actually enabling them, are the problem then they can convince you to disarm yourselves and be their sheep.  Peasants are not allowed to have weapons with which to revolt against the nobles.

Saving our children

The solution to this dilemma is summed up in one word – education.  Those who speak of the Barbarians at the Gate are talking about our own ignorant children.  Society only advances when children are educated and not when they are duped.

For example: politicians love to demonize their opponents.  When Republicans put forth a bill that increases veteran’s benefits and reduces welfare, Democrats vote against it and Republicans run to the TV cameras and say “Democrats voted against veteran’s benefits.  When Democrats put forth a bill that reduces veteran’s benefits and increases welfare, Republicans vote against it and Democrats run to the TV cameras and say “Republicans voted against veteran’s benefits.”

Because the American people are ignorant of how their government works and what they are actually doing, both sides get away with running scams to deceive them and they are left deciding which is lying with insufficient information.  Those who have come to understand this largely get frustrated and stop voting altogether saying the entire system is corrupt.  They cannot discern the difference between a deceiver like Barack Obama who always says one thing and does the opposite and a man like Trump who wears his heart on his sleeve.

That Trump is his own man and not beholden to anyone else financially is not a bad thing.  He says he is using his own money to run for president so that he will work only for the people and not for special interest cronies he must repay for getting him elected.  How would it be to have a man who actually works for the American people and not for the people of the world?

We just had eight years of a man who believes Americans stole their wealth from poor nations, that America is the problem in the world and not their salvation.  He says that rich people stole the wealth from poor people and borrows trillions of dollars that America now owes to other nations and gives it to his cronies on Wall Street.  While providing trillions to his Wall Street benefactors he tells the people he is making them pay for what they have taken from the poor and millions believe what he says rather than paying attention to what he does.

There is always the danger that a man like Trump could become a dictator like Obama.  But at this point in time after suffering under Democrat rule for the past ten years America is in desperate need of Republican rule under a president who won’t allow them to be liberals-lite.  Moderates of the GOP desperately want their turn at the till of the Golden Goose, but between them and the liberals, America is dying.

If we would recover the American Dream for our children, Americans must stop the liberal agenda of giving away America’s wealth to greedy foreigners who only want to destroy this great land.  If we do not educate our children about how the world actually works then we have no one to blame for the fall of America but ourselves.  Christians founded America as the exceptional nation ruled by the people and not by the elites.  We cannot allow the elites to educate our children to believe that what is right is wrong and what is wrong is right.

Trump may be fooling the people with his newfound fully conservative ideology.  But could it be any worse than Barack Obama who already fooled Americans into giving away trillions of dollars and has made America weak?  For a billionaire to become president is a big step down in pay.  All that Trump can gain from becoming president is the opportunity to make America grow and become prosperous once again rather than be like Obama and suck the wealth out of this country.  As a pair of narcissists, Obama’s prestige came from bringing down America, while Trump’s prestige can now only come from building it back up.

We learned conservatism through good morals and by years of experience dealing with the results of the foolish ideas of the ignorant and coming to recognize the lies of deceivers.  You can’t ever be certain of a person’s honesty, especially with a media that will spread their lies for them, but you can be sure when you examine what they say and what they do without an intermediary telling you what to think.  Obama’s record was well known before he ran for the Senate and so is Trump’s.

O’Reilly gets it right

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4 Responses to America’s children have become stupid and Christians are to blame

  1. jerry sutton says:

    The dupes who chose Stalin (Obamination) now choose Hitler ( Rump). Grump’s supporters Seem to be racist’s, drunks, Communists, Natzi’s, illiterate, and establishment repukes. Why? because Dump will sell out anyone. Just like Obama and Killory did for their own self gratification. Would anyone really want Stump for a friend? SHill or Lump same personalities! By the way Mormon haters the biggest Repukian Senator just endorsed Drunk, you know the one who heads the judiciary committee, and buddy to dead Ted, another Harry Reid clone who sold out his faith for Silver. The establishment Repubs are jumping on Grump’s wagon. However Lee, Beck and other LDS are supporting the Constitutional candidates.


    • Paul Leslie says:

      The contrast between Stalin and Hitler is erroneous. They were both socialists! Therefore, it is not legitimate to contrast Trump w/ Dear Leader in the manner you have. Contrasts are fine, but like shoes, the one’s that fit are the best.


  2. ladyruth54 says:

    I thought this was a great article until you started pushing Trump. Conservatives know as much about Trump as people knew about Obama before being elected. Why not support a true and tested Christian Conservative such as Cruz instead?


    • dustyk103 says:

      I back both. Trump for his strength in overcoming the Democrat media, and Cruz for his steadfast conservatism. I believe both have severe weakness and incredible strengths and that the two would compliment each other perfectly as a team. But right now they’re both vying for the top spot and Trump is dominating by pushing conservatism and dominating the media as Cruz cannot do. Could he betrays us? That remains to be seen but, unlike Obama, he has a long and very public history and no one has ever considered him to be a back-stabber as we knew Obama to be before he ever started running. It just remains to be seen if Trump is honest and wise enough to see the value of adding Cruz to his ticket.


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