Democrats call on Republicans to condemn Trump’s ‘immoral’ ban on Moslems

Obama not who we are

Democrats claim they represent “American moral values.”  The party that promotes killing babies in the womb and giving rights to criminals and foreigners wouldn’t recognize morality if it flew into their faces.

Obama keeps saying, “That’s not who we are” whenever Republicans call for him to make a moral decision.  Democrats don’t have the first clue of morality, let alone “who we are.”  The party if the Left has no moral authority to demand anything of Americans than criminals have to demand to be released from prison.  How do people who promote atrocities to humanity and the depredations of morality tell Christians, patriots, and the morally righteous what America represents?

Democrats promote:

  • Abortion – “A party that openly promotes the slaughter of babies in the womb and then dissecting them for body parts for sale does not have any credibility with me talking about ‘American values,’ ‘cause, I’m sorry: Those aren’t American values.” – Rush Limbaugh
  • Illegal Immigration – Democrats openly promote allowing foreigners to sneak into America, avoid taxes, take benefits from taxpayers, and give them the vote.
  • Criminal Rights – Democrats openly promote criminal’s rights over citizens and condemn police who use force against them, e.g. the Black lives matter movement. Whenever criminals, jihadis, and psychotics commit mass shootings, Democrats always call for citizens to give up their guns.
  • Islam – Democrats openly promote the rights of Islamists who want to impose Sharia Law on Americans and support the Jihad against the American people to the point of threatening to prosecute those who criticize Islam.

In truth, in the Obamanation of Amerika, the inmates are running the asylum or, more accurately, the criminals are running the country.  Democrats have let more Moslems who hate America immigrate into this nation in the last ten years than have come here throughout history.  They have allowed more illegals to cross our southern border than ever in history and offered them entitlements and voter’s rights.  They have taken more wealth from the Middle Class in the last eight years than has ever been stolen in the history of the world.

Democrats say they stand for moral American values?  …and Jesus laughed.

Democrat lectures on American values a farce

democrat-communist republicans democrats chart

Liberal Democrats believe they represent what is right in America.  Republicans, who elected the GOP to stop the Democrat agenda, have been betrayed by moderates who work with Democrats and compromise.  Conservatives recognize that;

“When good compromises with evil, evil wins.” – Rush Limbaugh

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